not that you need to know about this, but i have to document it so i don’t forget: i woke up sunday morning panicking and it lasted about 2 hours. the dogs looked at me strangely.


the new earbuds are completely awesome. they don’t even feel that weird. and i can hear every single little sound. it’s as if i haven’t heard some of my favorite songs correctly ever; that makes me a little sad.


i crack me up.
joy’s blog is all set up. i still have to go through the podcast and edit out all the clicks and uhms, that’s the tedious part.


my lame attempt at forcing myself to post at least once a morning has left me with little to say today.
except, i could tell you about what i want to accomplish this weekend, mostly saturday. i’d like to try to record episode one of knitting with joy, take my lappy to mickey’s and spend a couple hours setting up and editing the audio file. that last part probably won’t happen until sunday cuz it’s tedious. and i need to d’l some sound effects for the radio show.


my new earbuds are out for delivery. these will prevent cubemates from becoming angry at my leaky apple earbuds.
and now, for some reason, i want to get a 22″ widescreen monitor for the computer that i almost never use. they’re so much cheaper than when i bought my 17″, it’s almost embarrassing.


i’m achy and tired. i’m also anticipating this winter being the second worst insofar as my mood.
i just pulled my head down, chin toward chest, and felt the muscles in my back scream.