i actually watered the garden this am; and there are cucumbers growing. unfortunately, the mosquitoes still permeate so i was unable to count. but i saw at least two.
the tomato plants are growing right out of their cages. i think next year, i should scale back. or plant perennials.


i’m frustrated. i can’t tell if it’s all work, or work+aunt flo.
at least the dogs are making me smile right now.


i may enter a contest to decorate a plastic toy for a children’s benefit auction being held by our parent company. i can’t decide if i have the mad skillz to do it…

i have

less than 13 available work-hours to get something figured out. i thought i had it last night, but now that i’m playing in photoshop, it’s a lot more confusing than a 1″x2″ thumbnail.


this is really ridiculous. i’m dripping from a 20 minute dog walk.
none of my shirts work; i sweat through all of them. actually, biking about was nice because it forces air past you. there were some kids on the bike path that gtfo of the way by one of them yelling, “biker!” i was like, “yr fine”.
i can’t wait until thursday… unless i can’t take friday off. that’s the kind of week i’m having. already.

more about joy

joy, joy crammer: she’s a huge fan of the golden girls, and estelle getty’s passing recently has had her in a little more of a funk than usual. also, her younger sister, jean crammer, has been irritating her.
co-worker, and wordsmith extraordinaire, has determined the perfect radio sign-off for joy, “thank you for being a friend.”


i told you about morning coffee a couple weeks ago and how i wanted to use it to motivate or remind me to blog. i think it’s been working. the page is fuller than usual (i know, no one scrolls to the bottom to check except me).

of dogs and nature

we took the puppers to kurt’s mom’s house yesterday to celebrate her 74th. she lives very near to a county park and the dogs had a blast. they ran about five times the length of the human walk, and were sufficiently exhausted quite early. it was nice to get out of the asphalt and traffic noise.

every time

i get a pang in my side, i have to look up to see where the appendix is located. you’d think i’d be able to remember.