our rain barrel is full from yesterday’s downpours. it’s a shame we haven’t hooked up the second one since it’s raining so hard right now. and will continue to all week.
at least it’s keeping the temp moderately cool… my plants sure would like some sun though.


i found this site today while taking a little break from work. i can’t stop looking at it like it’s a car wreck.
hair hats

guest reptile

on sunday, a painted graced our back yard. Joe was over, so he guided the little guy int the pond in Barb and Alan’s back yard. he sure was happy to get out of the hot sun.

forgot to tell you

i had a weeding party yesterday. a couple good friends came over to dig up an 8″x2″ area of thistle (and other good plants—those got to stay in the ground). prior to the party, i stopped at another friends’ house to dig up some of her beautiful flowers. i got several phlox, not to be confused with dame’s rocket (which has 4 petals instead of phlox’s 5). i also got some grass with a weird 3d star attached to the leaves, along with two kinds of bee balm, some plant with “blood” in the name, and black eyed susan’s.
once they flower, i’m going to have to make a map.