trying to fill out the page

so, i seeded some chives in march, to get ready to plant outside… and i noticed this one plant had three weird leaves on it, but the rest of the chives didn’t. so, i planted it anyway. well, 4 months later, it’s 4.5 feet tall and taking up too much space in my garden. so, i uprooted it and put it in the yard cuz i think it’s just a regular ol’ flower.
do you know?
mystery plant


it’s a three-day week. usually, this is welcome… but sometimes people still try to squeeze the equivalent of a 40-hour week in. i don’t mean to say i’ll work 40 hours anyway, more like there’s reduced rest time during the three days we’re here.
as i say to the co-workers, “heads down, boys!”

if we weren’t

tumbling into a recession, i’d buy this:
UncommonGoods made me take the link down because “Unfortunately we have recently received a manual review by Google who has deemed links from your site unnatural based on their webmaster guidelines. We would like to kindly ask that you either take these links down from your site or make them a nofollow link. It would be greatly appreciated if you could please let me know if this is possible and when this can be done.”

mosquitoes… ugh.

there was a swarm on jones during the whole walk this evening. a quick google search reveals that an apple cider vinegar-water combo in a spray bottle once a day should be sufficient to keep them off. this, apparently, also works on people. in addition to adding it to their water, humans benefit from it as well! it not only helps get rid of the mosquitoes, but also encourages weight loss? i’m dubious about that, but it’s harmless enough to try!


someone called me at 10:30 last night. unfortunately, my ringtone is the same as my alarm clock, so i “turned off” my alarm, thereby answering my phone. the person then hung up and called back! so i did it again, but this time i realized it wasn’t my alarm because i was awoken. they didn’t get to leave a message, so i hope it wasn’t important. a quick google search leads me to some arts & crafts thing in stoughton in december.

broke down

and took cold&sinus this am. it seemed to work… i only took half a dose, cuz even though they claim non-drowsiness, i fine pseudoepinephrine to make me drowsy no matter what.
i also grabbed mr. pillow* off the floor this morning at 5 and something stung me. great.
*the pillow i cuddle when laying on my side.


i’ve contracted some sort of communicable disease which involves lights breaths and coughing up loogies; not common for me; lately. i used to get bronchitis every january and june to divide up the year…
this bring me to the rules of going to the dr.:
1. if it’s a different color than it was yesterday
2. if something is where it shouldn’t be
3. if something is missing where it once was
4. if something is leaking that shouldn’t
5. if something is obviously broken
these are my rules for calling dean care.
anyhoo… i’m getting some hott thai food in order to kill the bug that resides inside of me. i’ll let you know how it goes.

from the weekend

a post-storm rainblo on my bike ride (i had to wait for the marble-sized hail to stop before i could leave the house:
(click to see larger)


i haven’t had a whole lot to talk about.. been outside and on the bike a lot. i tried not to use my car at all this last weekend and was almost successful. i couldn’t get kurt to bike to breakfast on sunday am, so we drove. but i did hook up the bike trailer and cart it to woodman’s. i’d like to get some side baskets but they’re so loud. and the forreal panniers can be very expensive. i’ve seen them for as much as $220 online.
my plants are doing okay… the hail on saturday took quite a toll on a lot of the leaves, but no fruit is up, so it might still be okay.
i’ve had quite a difficult morning so i came home from work at noon; but we don’t need to get into it here.
i made my first amigurumi this weekend. it’s for the little boy of one of the cooks at mickey’s:
amigurumi frog