i’m running out of clothes. things are wearing out in places, holes are appearing. i had to wear a skirt yesterday because i no longer have suitable pants to get me through one week of work! so, this weekend, kurt and i are going to kohl’s. hopefully they have reasonable styles.


someone i know died from an o.d. last night. this marks the second person with whom i’ve had casual acquaintance who o.d.’d. the weird part is how it shouldn’t even be possible for anyone to have had that experience. but i guess the circle of friends i once had are susceptible to the lifestyle that makes it possible.
anyway, a handful of friends are reasonably distraught by this today.
there’s a strange feeling that happens when you hear about someone you know, who is mere days older than you, is no longer walking the earth. it has a sort of empty feeling to it. it’s much different than when it’s a great aunt or a soldier in this shitty war. it’s too close.


so, here’s some exciting news…
and i handed out invites to our party last night to the neighbors. Irma had me come in to have a sit-down chat and i didn’t want to disappoint, so i came home to a burnt pizza.

before i forget

stuff i’m making for our housewarming party:
cold stuff:
vegan noodle salad
vegan pumpkin cheesecake
taco dip
hot stuff:
grilled, marinated portobella mushrooms
grilled eggplant

crack doctor

that’s what i refer to my chiropractor as. i’m down to once-a-week visits (i was 3-times in feb, and then 2-times until this week), i was gunna break up with him yesterday, but my re-exam went so well that he said i didn’t need therapy (the little zappy things and the traction machine), just adjustments… so my appointments just went from an almost unbearable 45 minutes to about 7.
now i just have to wait for the insurance agent to call to tell me i shouldn’t have needed treatment for this long. which would be incorrect.

small spaces

our house is not big by any means. in fact, it’s pretty tiny. i rather like it that way. but it results in the need to purge sometimes… and the first to go is the rocking chair.
edit: not 12 hours later, my third successful craigslist exchange is almost completed. the chair will be picked up tomorrow evening.