i just spent the last two hours playing in the garden. i moved some tomato plants around (on the advice of a veteran tomato-grower), hopefully they won’t be too upset about being uprooted. i grounded some gifted echinacea, and put up a cucumber trellis. i’m not sure how to get them to want to climb, but we’ll see.


so, i get 29mpg on average and i drive 27.5 miles round trip to work. lunch is $5.50, if i get the special, $10 if we go out. that means i’m spending $10-14 per day to get to work and eat lunch. that’s $220-$308 per month. that’s a lot of money that i’m not saving.
that makes me feel foolish.


i’m glad i didn’t bother watering the garden this am. we’re gunna get hit in about 20 minutes.
also, most of my poppies are up… but they’re being drowned out by a whole bunch of thistle… i should have dug it up when they were of a manageable size. it might be fun to take a scythe to it.

laptop outside

i can hardly read my screen sitting on the back porch it’s too sunny and my house is too bright.
i’m not really complaining.

rainy night

my plants have seemingly doubled in size after last night’s rain. the rain barrel got thwarted by the amount and the tube couldn’t keep up with the amount of water wanting to get in. we really need to install our second one, but we can’t figure out where to put it. i don’t really want to kill the peonies that are on the other side of the downspout, but we might have to.

excellent weekend

the first poppy opened up:
first poppy
and fruits from my friends:
(from l to r) shasta daisy, sedum, spiderwort, and columbine
i can’t remember what these two pretty ones are, but they’re pretty.
and nora, posing for the shot:
nora posing
we’re all very tired today. i was up from 9a to 1:30a yesterday and only slept til 6. i took a nap after breakfast, but it’s hard to sleep the day away when it’s nice out. so, i planted the gifts, watered the garden, and cleaned the back yard.
the party last night was a huge success. the barrel is empty and is waiting to be returned, most of the food was eaten (especially the rice krispies!), one load of the dishwasher is done but not put away yet. luckily, the only room that is not in pre-party condition is the kitchen.
now we just get to wait for the probable thunderstorm.

i tell ya

i love having the day off tomorrow. it makes me able to stay awake so much better.
i also love having awesome neighbors. they offered their chairs from the front porch and their fridge from the garage. nice.
we have most of the spindles up on the deck, but have a hell of a lot to accomplish tomorrow. we’ll see how long i last before i crash.


this whole week has had me really unmotivated.

this am, when i walked out the door, i said to kurt, “when are you going to win the lottery?”