thunderstorms in april

aren’t generally this cold… and that’s the one thing that bothers me right now. the other thing is watching nora react to the thunder. this is our first significant storm since getting her and she seems to be quite afraid of the rain splashing against the big window on the east side of the house.
now papa is home and she’s fine. because she’s distracted.


i just re-read my last few entries and there’s a definite theme of reflection. thanks for putting up with it.


this is the first set of seasons that feels really important since before i could comprehend “spring”. adults make such a big deal of the green trees in the arboretum, the little buds trying to grow everywhere… this is the first year i feel like i really get it.
i seeded some plants 13 days ago. the chives came up within two days and i was amazed that it even worked. today, i came home to see two of the three tomato plants shoosting toward the sky. it’s so awesome to see. and i can’t explain it to anyone who doesn’t already understand.
now, the peppers need to arrive, and i need to get some basil and i’m set.


i wore crayon today, and it’s distracting me when i wave my hand anywhere in my cube. it reminds me of sharpening the crayons on the back of the big box just so i could get as good of a point as possible.