a side note

my mom tells me that my dad’s favorite band was creedence clearwater revival. or see-see-are, for those “in the know”. it would please him to know that i really appreciate their music and influence… i hope. :)


i’ve been told recently by one regular reader that i’m not posting with the quantity that he’s used to. and i told him, “everything’s boring.” and that this may become a “home improvement blog”.
i don’t know if that’s good or not; but i spent the majority of last weekend planning projects, scratching out plans, exclaiming “i want a walkway in the front!”
one of the best things about having a house and yard to call your own is the ability to make it what you want. we’re planning on building a deck in 3 weeks. we have the people lined up, the architecture roughly drawn, and the idea of sitting in the back of the house with a cocktail and a laptop firmly planted.
more to come, with pictures; both before and after.


i just tried making wonton soup but they turned out really bland and soggy.. and they’re really a lot of work. since i used seitan and roasted poblano peppers, i’ll be able to turn that mix into tacos for lunch tomorrow.
i’m really trying to stop using the cafe at work cuz i don’t need to spend $5 a day on lunch.

pump it up!

i went through three versions of this record on cassette during my preteen years.

i’m currently revisiting it. it’s not bad for the late 80s.

job stuff…

i think i’m safe; my boss doesn’t read my blog.
so, i’ve just breezed past my official 5 year anniversary at work… 1.5 years at the beginning of my tenure didn’t “count” because i chose to keep it temporary (more $/hour)… i’ve had my current position for a little over a year. and i kinda want to talk to the boss-man about dropping the “associate” from the beginning of my title (which essentially means asking for a promotion).
i have never done that before… i feel kinda weird about it; it seems like saying, “hey, it doesn’t seem like you notice or appreciate me as much as i think you should. care to prove it?”


on a regular visit to the back yard with the dogs, i noticed an observer in the neighbor’s tree. jones and nora stayed in the yard while i ran inside to get the camera.
backyard hawk

supply run

12″ by the end of tonight?! i’m going to woodman’s. luckily, it’s two right-turns to get there and two left ones to get home. i’ll bet it’s completely empty, too.

still cool

blogging from the tavern is still awesome. in case you were wondering.
happy spring!