so, i have a black dodge caliber as my rental. it’s not so bad, really… it’s just higher and there’s more space between me and the front of the car than i’m used to. i’m super-diggin’ the rear windshield wiper, though.
i’m paying $13 a day for insurance; which i know is a scam, but wtf if some a-hole decides to get in an accident with me? i do NOT want to deal with twice the insurance hassle, really. that’s all insurance is for. it’s like paying for not having to deal with things.
i’ve found that state farm is on top of their game, and they’ve actually been really cool with me. i mean, they’re paying for the rental and my car to sit in someone’s lot, and not being jerks about it at all. it kinda makes me want to switch? but i won’t. i pay so little for car insurance, it’s nutty.
so, i will hopefully find out tomorrow whether i need to continue to get used to this weird car in my driveway, or purchase the car that i really want. which is yet to be determined.

the day spa

a co-worker coined the phrase “day spa” for our jalopy of a back porch. up until last weekend, both kurt and i were convinced we were going to tear it down and build a huge deck.
well, we’ve since decided that we should keep it, fix it up, get new (better) windows and build a ground-level patio down below it. it should cost significantly less than a full demo and rebuild.
you’ll get more info when we begin.

i left that out

sorry readers, i left out the fact that i’m okay because i thought it was evident in the fact that i had enough energy to blog; but i guess not. :)
everything’s fine with me. the car’s status is up in the air until the other claims adjuster can get over to where my car is (the funny part is that there’s a state farm office across the street, but that’s an agent, not an adjuster. semantics, i know). also, enterprise doesn’t have a car for me, so i’m still without wheels until tomorrow, hopefully. so it’s all up in the air now… i can’t shop for a new car (though i have), and i can’t go anywhere (but i did).
i don’t wanna sound all high and mighty, but i think i could make it without a car, as long as my buddy would get me to work and back (the bus routes suck). it’s an intriguing proposition. i’m very fortunate to even consider the possibility; i know that. but it’s still a possibility to consider.

wisconsin weather

i’m now the proud owner of no vehicle. i (more than likely) totaled it on the way home today…
starting at noon, i tried to get my boss to let me leave early. he seemed to think it was some sort of principal that we should all stay it out. well, finally at 4:30, the big kahunas gave everyone the go ahead to leave. so i did.
so did another co-worker, who is from oklahoma, and admittedly has a hard time driving in these conditions. well, she managed to go sideways and end up straight in front of me as my car came to a halt; the front end under hers.
i put it in park, but the car kept moving… the hood was all crumpled up. my radiator was leaking all over the ground, my left headlight was pointing at the sky, and i was freezing.
so, now i have to get a new car.
and i am currently blaming my boss for not letting me leave early.


last night, i hung out with my cousin beth and her hubby, nic, and new(ish) baby, lola. she was almost 100% smiley. and the dogs licked her toes. we made fun of the state of the union and generally just passed the baby around the room.

not so bad

mattel made fortune’s top 100 places to work list (number 77). so they’re giving us next friday off in celebration.

unwanted guests

we knew we had mice when we bought the place. there was evidence of them under the kitchen sink… so we thought, “we’ll just see how long we can live with them.” then noises in the attic got to be quite annoying… so we got that poison stuff that dries them up so they don’t stink. well, they proved to be some sort of supermice that wouldn’t die.
so, we got some covered traps and put some peanut butter in them and within an hour, one mouse succumbed to the temptation.
two days later, we got mouse number two.
it’s my opinion that we killed the parents of the horde and i have evidence that the babies are in jeopardy. there was one little one barely running across the diningroom floor this morning that nora was sniffing. i lost it when i went to get a plastic bag to pick it up with…


so, my back has been really bothering me. both the lower right pelvic (dull, throbbing pain) and upper left shoulder (like a knife cutting into muscle). and i’ve decided to try yoga again. my buddy, jim, teaches a class over on main st. for pretty cheap. if i remember to bring appropriate clothes, then i’ll be stopping there on the way home from work next wednesday.
so, be aware of my future propensity toward yoga and core-strengthening. cuz as soon as i see results, i’ll be gabbing about it… but i’ll try not to be preachy about it.

i hate basketball

it took me over 1.5 hours to get home last night. not commuting is the one factor that i would be willing to exchange current for new even if all other factors remained the same.
i also need a kind reader to let me know when the next home badger basketball game is so i can take the northern route home.

one more thing

the perpetrators were attempting to withdraw £10 ($19.56) from an ATM… apparently more attempts were made, but the bank blocked those transactions from happening. i’m not yet sure if i’m going to have to cover the amount… but i have t wait 7-10 business days from today to receive a new card, which has already resulted in two transactions needing payment modification (i.e., a different card or cash). annoying.