another year

you’ll get no “best of” list from me, or any promises of resolute statements (except, i’m going to try to lose 20lbs. i had a work-stress dream which also involved not being able to find the perfect salad last night).
i’m also going to knit more (i’ve done four pairs of bittens in the last week), and maybe get up a little earlier to take the dogs for a longer walk mornings.
see? i just did it.
here’s to a great 2008!


our new loveseat:
i now have somewhere to sit when kurt and the dogs are taking up the couch.


100 facts about me.
some favorites:
54. Bekee Gibson was born with the right to party. Unlike the rest of us, who have to fight for it.
67. When Bekee Gibson enters a room, she doesn’t turn the lights on, she turns the dark off.
86. Bekee Gibson puts the “laughter” in “manslaughter”.

an update

sam and jones tolerating each other:
nora noodlebutt on the couch, pretending to be a cat:
proof that i’ve been knitting:
that last shot will be a sock when i’m through with it.

happy holiday

my day so far: dog park, huevos rancheros, clean off the dining room table, caulk the windows where the wood has contracted because of the cold.
now to knit a pair of bittens.

we’re outnumbered

there’s an unwritten rule in pet-ownership where it’s ill-advised to have more of them than there are of you. for the next 4 days, we will break that rule. sam is staying with us until the 26th while the people owned by him are in florida.
try to picture me walking three black dogs on leash in the blizzard that we’re about to get.
though, they’re the picture of perfect right now because we were just at the dog park for an hour and they’re all zonked out.

everlasting fun

so, the everlasting fun ball has always been a highlight of the dogs’ day… but the last 40lb. bag of food brought with it a free bag of dog treats which fit perfectly in the ball without having to be broken into smaller bits. i think they could be completely occupied for at least 2 hours. which is awesome if you have a dog.