i must have been less than or near to 10 years old when i did a barefoot cartwheel at the park by my childhood home and landed my big toe squarely on a broken piece of glass from a soda bottle.
i remember trying to run/hobble home with my toe in the air, using only my heel for support. then, i remember the dr.’s office where they proceeded to inject the wound with novocaine while i simultaneously squeezed a stuffed, wind-up rabbit so tight that it stopped working. i left the building with three stitches.
this afternoon, my big toe feels like that piece of glass is still there.


yesterday, on the way to work, i decided that i want a new car. a 2008 vw rabbit, to be exact… so now i can’t stop thinking about zipping around town in a cute little 5-speed, 2-door with the sunroof open.

in response

local businessman and fellow commenter, rusty, asks,

Does this mean yr student loan is paid off?

unfortunately, no… about a year ago, i consolidated my loans in order to lock in at a fixed interest rate which both lowered my monthly payment, and took the time-to-pay out another 12 years.
however, i’m $108 away from paying off my car. and i decided this morning that i want to get a different one.


probably not… shortly over five years ago, i got hitched. my family threw a drizzle* for me, and one gift was a box of envelopes. i remember mentioning how it would hold me through my student loans.
for our honeymoon, we went to las vegas, where i realize my cotton swabs (otherwise known as q-tips) were missing, so i bought a bag of 1000. both are gone within weeks of each other.
*a drizzle is a highly informal shower. friends and family bring gifts that aren’t registered for, but rather, regular gifts (i.e., more functional).


i just finished installing movabletype 4 at and it was a hell of a lot easier than previous versions. kudos to the mt team.
so.. now, i get to start the empire of tuesday-tie-wearers.

crazy lady spotted!

i found myself behind the crazy lady again last night. she didn’t seem nearly as frustrated as the last two encounters, that is, until we reached a level of cars that deterred her from lane-changing every two blocks.
i’m not sure if it’s libel, but we’ll find out: her plate is 606-HMG, and it’s a green taurus of some kind (not an escort as previously mentioned). if you see her around, just let her pass you, otherwise she’ll call you an asshole at the next stoplight when you signal to change lanes at the exact time she decides to not signal to change lanes.


so, janey decided to fire one of the bartenders… leaving several late-night shifts for Kurt to pick up until he can find a replacement.
maybe i should pick up a wait-shift so i can see him once in a while.

unsuccessful project

so, when you turn the water off at the water heater, the shower dial should know not to output any water when turned all the way to hot (i still don’t understand this). ours was outputting cold water when it shouldn’t, so it was suggested to replace the cartridge. the plumber even said, “it’s easy, i mean, i can do it, but it’s easy.”
so we tried. and tried, and tried. no budging. i didn’t want to end up like this guy, so we put everything back together. now the dial is backwards and luckily, it works better than before.
i can’t wait to redo the whole shower. :/


i love translations from japanese. i bought something from ebay and the notice says, “please do not put it near the fire. there is an error drinking danger. please do not give to the infant no matter what.”
that’s perfect.