i live by these people who have three border collies and they only seem to let them out at 7:30am and 9pm and they yell at them the entire time to “go potty! hurry up! knock it off!”
it’s actually kinda weird how many people who live a stone’s throw from our house don’t seem to walk their dogs, but there are a lot of people who have to (and do) cross busy fair oaks to take their dogs over to the park.
i don’t get people. really.

gosh darn kids

so, i’m driving to work down the avenue, and all these kids (like 40 of them) start crossing the street at 4th to get to east high school. on a red light! yea, the intersection where at least 2 people have died doing the same exact thing.
so, i stop, cuz it’s the law (even though they were breaking it), and one sassy gal looks at me and smiles like, “i’m so cute, you have to stop.”
i gave her the finger.
she yelled something profane.


the inevitable weekly visit to menards came on tuesday night. we needed tinsnips for the steel to repair the cold-air return vent that george insisted we disassemble to aid in feeding the electrical wire through the holes in the joists. :/
anyway, since i’ve got the layout of the store memorized, we headed straight for the hand tools. there were two boys stocking an aisle. there were boxes and product everywhere. i said, “i’ll bet the tinsnips are in here.” kurt had gone around to the other end in order to view them closer. one of the guys said, “yup! right behind me. you want straight or curved?” me, “straight.” him, “left or right?” me, “right.” him,”$5.98 or $14.99?” me, “$5.98.”
the other guy proceeded to ignore me and share his tinsnip knowledge with kurt.
kurt picked out the straight, right-handed, $5.98 snips.
i just checked the receipt to ensure that we got the cheaper ones, and guess what? we got ’em for free. peggy, the checker, must have been distracted and didn’t scan them. guess we should have opted for the $14.99 ones.


someone was signaling to pull out into the street, it was a small suv with a canoe on the top, and the car in front of me slammed on his breaks to let the guy go and i subsequently rear-ended the red pontiac something-or-other and woke myself up. and i couldn’t get back to sleep for an hour.
p.s., don’t fret, this was a dream.

sick day

i feel like a kid who needs her tonsils out. and sinuses vacuumed. and head examined.
luckily the tonsils aren’t white. hopefully i didn’t spread this around at work yesterday. i could smell that i was coming down with something, so i tried not to talk to close or touch other people’s things.


kurt and i went to dinner at a new(ish) sushi place on the east side. it’s called takumi and you can read my review at yelp. i even told the chef that it was better than takara and he told me that takumi’s owner used to own takara but sold it to open the new place.
it was fantastic and delicious.
i was a little uncomfortable because they were not at all busy and the waiter was highly attentive, and kurt took a little long to decide what he wanted.
we ordered too much, which is always the case when we go out for sushi, but we brought the leftovers back to mickey’s kitchen staff. they were highly grateful.

tie one on tuesday

we have to do something to retain sanity… so we’re trying a weekly event. someone just happened to have a camera today, so we could document it. evidence below:
oh, and my unofficial goal for this event is to have it company-wide in about a month and a half. the tie can also be worn as a belt or headband.
i need to get some more ties.


so i thought i’d try to be all frugal by getting a generic cheerio cereal.. since it’s just cheerios, you’d think there was nothing to it. so i got shurfine’s toasted oats.
i will be the first to tell you that bring frugal in the cereal department is absolutely not worth it. the bag wouldn’t open like a normal cereal bag so i had to cut the corner off. the box wouldn’t close on it’s own, i had to persuade tab A to get into slot B.
and the taste is kinda yucky. like cardboard.


my lower-left eyelid has been twitching since friday.
i’ve read that eyelid twitching is a result of stress, but this has never been present over the course of a whole weekend.
it’s so annoying.