omg you guys

this is so silly… i got so furious at work today that i started crying in a meeting.
totally not like me, totally out of the blue, and totally weird. i just had so much rage and anger and frustration that i had to hold my eyes with my sleeves to keep from bawling.
you see, i heard something that wasn’t said. i can’t actually even tell you what was said immediately before i freaked out, but what i heard was, “someone thinks whoever did this can’t do their job.”
and i flipped. internally, i was raging. i had the strongest desire to punch, kick, cry, slam, and yell.
but what’s weird is that it’s not what was said, and quite possibly not even what was implied, but it’s what i heard.
the most ridiculous part is that i don’t know why it upset me. like, physically upset me in such a way that i couldn’t make myself behave with a normal reaction. which, most likely would have been, “they don’t know wtf they’re talking about. eff them.”
needless to say, i’m very glad that tomorrow is friday… i just wish i could shake the feeling of “if i quit, they’d be fucked.”
and i don’t swear on my blog unless it’s necessary.
i forgot to mention that i even left work and drove to cross plains, smoking my first weekday cigarette before 5pm in almost two years. it was lovely, well-deserved, and necessary.

hay guise.

the new ipod looks really cool.
anyway, i think i’m trying to make it a personal goal to not order out. i know, it’s pretty silly and dumb to be like, “hey! i haven’t ordered delivery in five days! look at me!” but it’s an accomplishment, ferreal.
i was going to use the rice cooker for the first time tonight, but white rice takes 45-55 minutes, and i was hungry “now”, so i made a tofurky-cheese-tomato-avocado toasted sandwich.
not before taking the dogs on a mosquito-infested walk. omg you guys. there were, quite literally, 30 of them hovering around jones the whole time. it was terrible! and then i caught a slug and it got between my foot and shoe and was squishing around. poor guy…
the pups are doing well.. by monday, i was kinda tired of hanging out with them, but the last two days have been okay. i think jones has figured out that nora is staying with us, and not just getting dog-sat for a little while.
i keep trying to give him the attention he had before, but it really wasn’t that much; he’s not a very cuddly guy, but nora is totally a cuddler and it seems to make jones think like he should be getting the same attention.
we just went for a quick run in the park (two-dog bonus), and they tired each other out within 10 minutes and are now quite content to lay on the diningroom rug. together.

doing good

so, one of the goals set after buying this place was to try to eat in more often. and the reason it’s a goal is because we eat out a lot. at least once a day each. that’s a sh*tload of money if you sit down and think about it.
i’ve been trying to find new and exciting ways to make food… so, last night, we made tacos (with morningstar farms crumbles) and i saved the rest of the “meat” and made “taco egg rolls” tonight. omg, so easy! i ought to kick myself for not making these easy mealbits before.
previously, i used to spend saturday afternoons making some sort of new food concoction which either turned out poorly, or was too quantitative that i couldn’t eat it all before getting sick of it. so, i’m trying… and momentarily succeeding.


the bugs!
wtf are we supposed to do? kurt says his delivery guy was afraid to come up the steps!
the mosquitoes are nuts and crazy. i can’t even handle it.

loong weekend

what’s nice about taking friday off is that today feels like sunday, except tomorrow is sunday and i have monday off and it makes me ecstatic.
we’ve got our weekend routine down, i think… i get up around 8:30, let the dogs out, make coffee, and then we’re off to the dog park!
a friend of mine and i went to yue wah on park st. it’s a mostly asian market, but they have indian, mexican and chinese food, too. i got some umeboshi, japanese rice, horchata mix, green tea ice cream(!!), sesame seeds, and furikake! no more having to order silly hello kitty furikake for my bento box lunches; of which i have only made one. now to get my rice cooker. ^_^