another outlet stopped working yesterday. we were making juice.. and had a lot of fruit peeled and cut up, when it decided to quit. we thought the juicer had taken a dump, so i’m happy to report that was not the case.
i still can’t find my phone charger and my phone keeps beeping at me.


i’ve been fairly “ho-hum” lately. i think it’s because of the oppressive weather.
but it’s probably also because the last 6 weekends have been spent packing, painting, unpacking, moving, cleaning, fixing, running up and down the stairs, yelling “turn off breaker 13!”, checking the outlet, dripping sweat into the plaster mess on the floor, and still not knowing where my q-tips are. and it feels like this’ll be the weekend-way for a while. so, my mind has been trained to look forward to friday, but it’s confused cuz friday’s are no fun.

a little downtrodden

with patience and help from george, we managed to identify the electrical problem. the wires are old. like, older-than-time old. the fabric and the black stuff covering the wire is disintegrating, creating faulty connections and blowing circuits… and some moron* decided to put half the house on one breaker.
however, it’s actually been kind of fun trying to figure stuff out. it’s like a big, sparky puzzle. i was only half kidding when i said to mom or someone that i should go to matc to be an electrician.
realtor ben came over to help and got us going in a good direction. we replaced two of the crappy wires and have power upstairs again. heh.
it’s funny the perspective change that comes with home buying. everyone will try their best to describe this change to you, but it doesn’t sink in until you can’t find your phone charger, or your q-tips, but you have power in the livingroom. somehow, it is a great feeling to come home to a place that is yours. all yours. well, the bank owns it, but no one considers that fact until the 1st of the month. :)
*sorry, moron, if you read this; but really. wtf were you thinking? 9 outlets and 3 ceiling lights on one breaker? jesus.


we got one more phone line working… and discovered our electrical problem. seems no one knew there were live wires hanging out in the insulation. :/
so, now i’m waiting for kurt to decide to wake up so we can start wrestling with that problem.

the simpsons

the simpsons movie has been out for a week; but when their site launched, they began to offer an avatar-creator. so you can simpsonize yourself.
below are kurt and i. colin helped with creating my avatar cuz i wasn’t able to come up with anything that seemed to be a likeness of me.

(p.s., mom, these were not drawn… the caricatures were chosen from a group of attributes)


i finally have my own internets. again, i’m thanking whomever that i bought this laptop. otherwise, it might be two more weeks before i got my desktop together.
unfortunately, the only phone jack that works is upstairs in the bedroom. so, installing a couple more is another thing on the to-do list.
an aside; i met the last neighbor tonight. mike. he told me that he’s our snow plower. he’s at the end and the city usually dumps all the snow at the foot of his driveway, so he tops them by plowing first. i’d think he could offer a suggestion to put the snow on the other side of the street, but i’m sure he’s tried that angle.