we just spent the last 2.5 hours cleaning 19 mini blinds.
now we’re taking a break before we clean 19 windows.

thank goodness

a huge weight has been lifted. the lady at the vet is more than willing to take rinky and tinker. she’s a ferret owner, and understands their health problems, and she will take care of them. i was so relieved to hear her voice message saying she’d take them.


everyone is nutty at work this week. we have several days off next week for the holiday, and a handful of people will be supplementing the vacation with extra days so all is crazy around here.


i managed to pack 16 or 17 boxes yesterday. i also am giving 5 plastic grocery bags of knitted items, coats, and miscellaneous objects to st vinnies.
clothes don’t sell at a yard sale, so please don’t ask me to have one. the neighbors (upstairs and next door) both have a modicum of stuff, and it would seem the three of us could have a regular-sized sale, but i just don’t think i’ll have the energy.


i hate it.
i hate “stuff”, so whytf do i have so much of it? i just filled eight beer boxes with our books and now i’m out of boxes with handles; and i haven’t even put a dent in our belongings. it’s more like a small wound.
i also just sold two plastic grocery bags of books to half price books and got a whopping $17.50. that covered the packing tape that i subsequently purchased at walgreen’s.
here’s the best part: kurt’s away, playing pool.


so, we went to prairie du chien today for gramma’s 80th. it was a swell time. we haven’t hung out with the extended family since christmas. i got to see beth in her 6th month of preggerness, and all the cousin’s kids are getting bigger and cuter.
but! i killed three animals on the way home :(. first, a bird flew at my car, and then a groundhog was crossing hwy 18 unsafely and THEN, as we’re driving around verona, some bird decides to do a header off my windshield! the car behind me had to swerve to avoid the bounce effect. omg i hate when that happens. all of those buggers had family to feed and they’re not coming home tonight :(


so, i guess some “kids” were causing a ruckus last night on our street. complete with a pellet gun resulting in joe’s new car’s window getting busted.
but for some reason, there’s nothing on the press release site.

eff it.

i need to start keeping track of everything we’re gunna need:
dehumidifier, shop-vac, shovel, rake, garbage bins
these are things i want:
composter, rain barrel, gardening supplies, wood burning apparatus


who knew… 6 years ago, i was a couple weeks out of college, waiting to have my first day at my current employer. i held both the relay job and this one for about a week and a half while i worked out my two-week’s notice. i was awfully tired.
i can’t believe i’m still here.