one more thing

there was this towel in the middle of the road by the jewelry place at allen and university and it was laying perpendicular to the striped line and as i narrowly missed it during a lane change, i hoped it was just a towel that was wrapped up around itself. :/


found this peanut butter mixer via cool tools. most families, by now, have realized the yuckiness that is in their jiffy chunky peanut butter and have opted for the natural kind, whether it’s freshly made at the co-op, or in a jar with (get this) peanuts and oil. if you choose the latter, you’ll like this gadget. except when you want to drain the oil off for the health of your dog.

pursuit of happyness

okay, so it wasn’t super, but it was still a really touching movie. i forgot, until the end credits, that the actor who played christopher is will smith’s real-life son. this chris gardner guy was pretty resilient, if much of the story was truly depicted. go see it, unless you’re dead inside.

i vow

okay, this weekend, i promise to start reading alice’s adventures in wonderland. it’s been hard to create audible content now that kurt doesn’t work on saturdays. i don’t have the opportunity to sit down and read a book, let alone edit the audio afterwards.


what an amazing experience. without seeming cheesy, it really was. i even had to get over my anxiety about presenting to a room full of vp’s and directors. i was nervous and could feel my heart beating in my throat, but i got over it cuz i had to.
the entire experience was so worth it. and even if it becomes some weird buzzword in the company, i understand its worth and appreciate the necessity when used well.
and kelli, you’d be perfect as a facilitator. :)