we’ve only looked at two houses… but i think i found one that i might be getting unreasonably excited about. we’re viewing it on monday after work. hopefully, right before that, we’re meeting with a banker to start the preapproval process.
i’ll keep you posted.
edit: the house already has two offers… we’re conceding.


after spending about 5 hours on the computer, my back is killing me but the tower is all back up and running. i have to say that i’m sure glad i bought a laptop cuz without it, this would have been a million times harder.
now i have to get the network back up and running.


i’m attempting to reinstall windows again on my tower. it’s not cooperating very well right now. i shoulda waited until tomorrow when i’ll have the gumption to spend more than 4 hours on it. :/
tinker’s doing well. he’s eating and taking his medicine regularly… though, one ice cube’s worth seems to be just a little too much for him to eat; resulting in a special tasty treat for jones twice a day.


despite having a very nice mother’s day with both kurt’s mom and mine, i’m in an awfully sour mood today. i didn’t tell you guys that my tower took a crap on saturday. i may have lost the hard drive with all my music on it. not to mention i’m gunna have to reformat and reinstall windows.
i’ll tell you, i’m about to throw the effing thing out the window.


tinker had a seizure this morning. god that was scary. so off to healthy pet vet we went… they gave him a hardcore shot of some crazy steroid and he was immediately alert. he also gave them a gift of tar-poop, indicating stomach ulcers; probably caused by the stress of everything going on.
so i’m making a mush out of his food and we’ll be starting a new routine. sucralfate 20 minutes before eating; then a mush cube warmed up and if he doesn’t eat that, then force feed with syringe. luckily, ferretone is not out of the diet cuz that’s his favorite treat.
so… 7am and 7pm, he gets prednisolone; and until the pancreatic tumors get bigger, this will be the norm. :/
the woman at the vet has a ton of ferrets herself, four of which are insulinoma and she has been maintaining their health for three years. omg.
what a mess.

some lady in a white van

is unreasonably upset with me right now.
so, you know how when you turn left or right onto a multiple-lane road you’re supposed to stay in the lane closest to you and then signal if you intend to change lanes? well, this lady missed that day in driver’s ed. and got very upset with me for following the rules. she got so upset, in fact, that she sped up to get in front of me, and then proceeded to slow down and merge into my lane (rather, into my car)! so, i changed lanes to go around her as she was having a difficult time understanding the difference between the brake pedal and the gas pedal. as i passed, i saw that she was on her cell phone and pointing out the window at me. surprisingly, she wasn’t using a well-known finger, she was simply pointing.
this is the best part, so i get over again into my first-choice lane, and come to a stop light where she gets into the right-turn lane and doesn’t turn. so she gets honked at by the person behind her cuz she’s too busy calling her husband to tell him what a terrible time she’s having breaking basic driving rules!
so, lady, if you happen to read this: stop taking everything so personally, and try not to run people off the road just cuz you feel wronged.
p.s., i hope she called the cops and that they told her to eff off because she was wasting their time.
p.p.s., my boss was in the car with me so he’ll vouch for my responsible driving.

we’re back home

tinker pooped
this is after playing hardcore for 30 minutes. he didn’t eat anything when we got home, but he did go directly into the cage to poo and then drink a bunch of water.
we’ll need to go to our regular vet soon to get a blood glucose checkup. i’m just glad to have him home.

what a long day

probably more-so for tinkerbell. when i dropped him off 24 hours ago, his blood sugar count was 35. mean is 110. at 4pm, it had gone up slightly and the dr was pleased so they started to wean him off the glucose. by 9pm it had dropped to 17. he stayed overnight with the diagnosis of insulinoma. basically, the result of an adrenalectomy is a reduced hormone which is no longer present to mask the hypoglycemia. so, long story short, he gets daily prednizone until he doesn’t want to any more.
the bill ain’t nothing to sneeze at either.


so tinker isn’t eating and he’s super dehydrated and at the emergency vet with an iv in his leg.
he peed on me when they took his temperature (guess where from?).
i’m in the wrong business. i won’t even tell you how much this is going to cost.