early birds

this time of year, i wake up with the sunrise and all the birds chirping outside; at least until we put the window a/c’s in and i can’t hear a thing.
so, i’m walking into work this morning behind an unfamiliar woman (so i presume she thinks the same of me) and she buzzed herself in and strategically pulled the door shut behind her so i’d have to buzz myself in.
now, i understand the need for our security system… proprietary information is just that, but wtf would i be doing in the parking lot at 6:50am with my purse, coffee, and nalgene if not going to work?

so far, we’re golden

so… we’re preapproved; locked in at 6.75%. i signed my name and today’s date ten times this morning. my credit score is pretty awesome. kurt’s was one point above the eligible number for the PMI program we’re approved for (yea, we had to do PMI cuz there’s no way we’d be able to come up with 20% down). and the sellers agreed to our offer with them paying up to $2,000 in closings costs, which should get us owing somewhere between $600-800. not too shabby. of course, that doesn’t include the homeowners insurance which won’t be esgrow’d until after our first payment (in september). these next few months are gunna be frugal.
we put in the offer last friday and our inspection is this friday at 2; our realtor wasn’t kidding when he said things move fast after we decide to buy.
the first two appliances we need to buy when we get there are a lawnmower and a dehumidifier. i want a reel mower, but kurt says he won’t mow if we have one of those.
omg. we’re almost homeowners.

dog park

we go to the warner dog park frequently. actually, jones has been there almost every single day since kurt got a car.
today, it was just we two (me ‘n jones), and he found a boxer mix named olive to play with. well, olive’s owners discovered they’d lost their car keys and we proceeded to walk around in the grass staring at our feet. i really wanted to find them cuz i’m usually good at spotting items in the grass; no such luck.
they had to walk home… i woulda offered a ride, but i didn’t see how three people and two dogs would work in my car.


the 3rd annual memorial weekend celebration was a smash hit. the crowd was a little smaller than last year, but it worked out well. lots of good food was had, and the 1/4 barrel was successfully emptied (kinda early, in my opinion). glad everyone could make it… since it very well might have been our last at this address.

freakin’ out

they countered with some minor changes… one of which is moving the closing date to july 13th (we had asked for late june due to per diem taxes) because it’s occupied by a renter whose lease is not up til july 1. the other change is they want preapproved financing within 25 days of their acceptance as opposed to 30. i have no idea why those 5 days would make a difference, but to someone they do.
so, ben’s coming over tomorrow to talk about this and write the offer again… and then we’ll be homeowners. kurt and i are both nervously excited; and a little sad that we’ll be moving out of the hood. but i have found quite a few positives, one of which is the great big yard and the garden possibilities. and the dishwasher. :)
one of the things i think helped us decide was that it’s lived in, and that made it a lot easier for me to picture our stuff in place of what was there. most of the other houses we’ve seen were vacant (save for one aside from ivy st.).


if you’re reading this, thank a teacher. if you’re reading this in english, thank a soldier.

i saw this next to a support bush bumper sticker and can’t figure out what it’s trying to mean. the first sentence offers advice as to who was responsible for your ability to read it; presumably, a teacher made you literate. but the second sentence implies that the fact that it’s in english means you should thank another individual. can anyone help clarify this for me?

fees, wtf?

i saw in monday’s paper (sorry, wisco journal’s site seems to be having problems right now) that they want to increase the fee for renewing wisconsin state driver’s licenses to “cover the full cost of complying with a federal anti-terrorism law”.
there’s also an unrelated desire to raise vehicle registration fees because “wisconsinites are driving less”. wtf? with gas at $3.40-$3.50 in madison, of course people ought to be driving less.
and know what i just noticed this am? state vehicles don’t have to display registration stickers. i wonder how much money could be generated if they had to pay annual fees to drive a car around all day.

an update

so, i’ve given up on the dream house on fair oaks. and i just keep telling myself that it woulda been too loud and too unprivate for the $ they were asking. we’re finally getting officially preapproved tomorrow (from a bank lender) and will at least have that out of the way in case another gem comes up (that’s a direct quote from our realtor).
after that, we’re looking at two places on friday… one of which is super cute, but over by oscar meyer… the other one is off fair oaks farther down by milwaukee st. which ain’t so bad; it’s just hard to fathom that i won’t have a decent coffee shop, grocery store, bar, or hardware store within walking distance. those are certainly pluses in the willy st hood. certainly.

i don’t care for hilldale

and it just dawned on me why, this morning.
picture being 3.5 years old in december, 1980. i remember walking into gimbal’s department store (it’s now macy’s) and it was snowing a little; i presume we were doing last-minute shopping, it was crowded.
then, my mom was paged over the loudspeaker. “would mary gibson please come to the…” i can’t remember if it was the information desk or what, but we ended up in the manager’s office. it was all brown and 70’s, in great need of an update.
mr. manager had to tell my mom that her husband had passed away. i remember sitting on the orangebrown couch wondering why mom was crying, using up all of mr. manager’s kleenex, and really wanting to go home. mom’s good friend, paula, was back at our house… she was the one who got the call and had to find us at gimbal’s.
i think that’s why i don’t care for the hilldale mall.