old acquaintances

i don’t care for small talk, which is probably why i don’t say hi to people i knew forever ago when i see them in public. i avoid it because summarizing my last 10 (or in this case, 12) years in 5 minutes makes me feel weird. you try it.
so we’re sitting at la hacienda, waiting for our check when a couple and a child are seated adjacent to us, behind kurt. the waiter gets the kid a high chair and the dad takes the regular chair to fill the space taken up by the high chair, and before the dad turns around, i think to myself, “he looks like he’d be uncomfortable here.”
so he turns around to come back to the table, and he ends up being someone i went to high school with. half the reason i didn’t want to approach them is cuz i already figured out what they were going to tell me; since he was seated with someone else with whom i went to high school.
they seemed to be doing well, and that was enough for me.


i’m in a 4-hour training today, perceptive communications; i took it 4 years ago. but someone thinks the entire web group needs to participate in team-building activities.
then, next week, i’m in a 3-day kaizen event to develop a process around a tool that doesn’t work. talk about being set up for failure.


i hadn’t ordered sushi since last wednesday night… they’ve been effing up my order by sending a regular spicy tuna roll instead of my favorite spicy tuna HAND roll. there’s a huge difference, and if you don’t know what that difference is, you haven’t lived.
anyway, i ordered again last night since i’ve been good about eating what’s in the fridge for a couple nights. they messed up again.
i’d call them to complain, but no one there speaks very good english…

right on!

a while ago, i talked about starting a podcast of public works; i was going to begin with some short tale from the brothers grimm or aesop, but they’re all really silly now that i’m an adult (at least the shorter ones—the ones that you don’t remember from childhood).
they’re like, “the fisherman and his wife were on their boat, cleaning their day’s catch, and one of the fish jumped back into the water so the fisherman dove after it. the moral is: don’t expect a fruitful harvest!”
anyway, i’m happy to report that alice’s adventures in wonderland is a public domain work, so i think i’ll start podcasting with that story. it’s a personal fave.

ipod in stereo

so we have kind of a weird set up at home when it comes to the “home theater”. i can’t claim to know wtf all those cords are for cuz i didn’t hook them up, all i know is that i haven’t been able to rca my iPod ever since kurt got his hard drive recorder. so i got one of these for much cheaper off of a much shadier website. it works so great! i can have the ipod sitting on the table in front of me and use it as a “remote” to listen to tracks through the stereo.


i played sim city 4 for like 8 hours yesterday. it’s a lot cooler than sim city 2000.

i have a plan

so, Kurt and i are gunna go to Takara for my birthday. hopefully, they’ll feature the eagle roll again. it’s some fanciness with crab, avocado, roe, lettuce, and i don’t even remember what else.
i do hope there aren’t a bunch of ‘kids’ and their sake bombs. ugh.

bad luck

my computer seems to hate me. a secondary hard drive started making a weird humming noise… so i decided to back up all the stuff onto my thumb drive and reformat it. of course, the drive is slowly dying. it’s over 5 years old; and only 20 gigs.
so i bought a 250gb drive for only $70. over 5 years ago, that would have been unheard of.
*&^@!^&%! dammiT! it looks like i lost all my digital photos from 2004-present. :/