in less than a month

i’ll be 30. i’ve alluded to my unexcitement… but today i thought of what i wanted kurt to get me. keyless entry for my car. utilitarian. except; how do i keep the button from being pressed when it’s in my purse?


so, i just realized i never officially announced getting the new position at work. i think i was waiting to tell mom at breakfast and we were interrupted by weather or something. anyway, i’m now officially an associate user experience designer. i didn’t get a raise; or a bigger office. just more work and responsibility. isn’t that how corporate america is supposed to be?
but… since the new role isn’t that big of a stretch from what i’ve been doing for the last 5 years, i’ve had both jobs for the last couple weeks. everything was fine til the other front-end design technologist got called to jury duty. so i’m doing all three jobs for three days.
i know, it’s only three days, but there’s like 43 projects going on right now and i don’t think people realize that i’m doing all of them.
my gut hurts. :(


i think i’m allergic to shellfish. well, raw shellfish. we had shrimp last night and i had to pull all the legs off and my fingers were itching so bad! but they tasted yummers.


i’m having digestive problems this morning. stemming from one or more of the following: eating right before bed (naughty!), stress (ugh!), my back problems (small possibility).
i eat yogurt every weekday; those little acidophilus’ should be working their way onto regulating my digestive tract. maybe i should start eating it on the weekends, too.

laptop awesomeness pt. 2

i finally get to sit on the back porch and be interneted. it’s so nice out today and everyone’s got their motorbikes out. except my neighbor keeps trying to start his lame honda cycle and it’s not starting. ruh ruh ruh ruh. “it’s a nice looking bike!” lol.


after too many years of putting up with a web host that didn’t seem to want to help me (for 5 years), i found one that will. and did. it’s funny that it’s called misanthrope.
one of the guys who works there just took all my stuff off the old server and plopped it on the new one out of the kindness of his heart. he even installed MT for me so i didn’t have to deal with technical settings, etc.
everything is so much faster! i can actually save an entry without getting a 404 and having to rebuild the index page for it to show up. omg.
so, if you’re looking for a new web host, use them.


got my back cracked yesterday. it’s a little sore still. i really need to get off my hiner and exercise.