i blogged, a while ago about my habits. i’ve also told you about my favorite local restaurant. well, i ordered from them last night. and i have this weird way of stating my intention by which the gal who answers the phone has come to know me.
me: “i’d like to order a sandwich for carry out please.”
her: “is this bekee?”
me: “yup!”
her: “okay, see you soon!”
i don’t even need to say what i want. omg.


so, things come in threes, right?
at the beginning of the month, i applied for a different position at work. one which will afford me the time (hopefully) to learn some skills that i really should have known to carry my current title, but was never afforded the opportunity to grasp; today i learned that i got the job. it’s good news, really, but i’m kinda weird about praise (or compliments of any kind… not sure why; i’m working on it though), so it’s actually hard for me to believe that i got it. matter of fact, it was taking so long for the bureaucratic part of it to get worked out that i had convinced myself that they were just waiting to figure out how to tell me that i didn’t get it.
also, this morning, the company also learned that we are, in fact, getting bonuses this year. it’s always been rumor that we won’t, right up until the biggest lady in charge tells us that we are.
and, i finally saw a house on the internets that i want to go see. to you homeowners, this might seem like a silly thing to get giddy, excited, nervous, weirded out about… but to me, it’s a strange, new adventure that hadn’t even occurred to me until 6 months ago. so cut me some slack.
things are certainly turning up bekee, and i’m uneasy about it. it’s the pessimistic optimist in me.


so i bought this thumb drive cuz i thought it would be a good idea to get some stuff off my tower (which i neglected to do before yesterday :/ ). i can run firefox directly from the drive; leaving no trace of personal info on other people’s machines. not really a big deal, since i don’t use other people’s machines. so, basically, i bought it cuz it’s orange.
i think i have some games on it… and openoffice, which is a non-microsoft office app (word, excel, etc.). the first one i bought died, so i RMA’d it to kingston and they sent a new one without question. i kinda like having it for transferring stuff; if the need were ever to arise.


my tower took another crap. i had just finished recording rumpelstiltskin to edit for my first podcast, loaded them onto the machine, deleted them from the ipod when the machine spontaneously restarted. which reminded me that one of my memory sticks hadn’t been showing up and was probably bad; so i spent 40 minutes switching them around, in case one of the slots was bad, only to determine that it acts the same with one, both, or none of the memory sticks. it posts but doesn’t beep. i don’t have the patience today to deal with taking cards out one by one. maybe tomorrow.
this means you won’t hear rumpelstiltskin for at least a week.

telltale bones

about 6 years ago, i broke my little finger on my left hand about 1/4″ of an inch from the knuckle attaching it to the rest of my hand. this morning, it hurt so bad right in that spot. i think it’s because of the cold, wet weather ahead.

out of luck

i order a lot of stuff. a lot of stuff gets delivered to our apt. the UPS guy knows us. the mailman knows us. i think even the FedEx guy is familiar. but i never know which company wants me to sign for what thing shipping through what place. anyways, you’d be listening to hansel and gretel right now if my buddy, the UPS guy, had been able to leave the griffin italk without a signature.

notebook accessories

those who know me know that i have an orange problem. i like orange things. it’s weird. i have a workmate whose job it is to tell me when i’ve gone overboard. this includes, but is not limited to: an orange car and all orange clothes worn at once.
a month or so ago, i found this accessory, and was immediately drawn to it on account of its color.
the practicality is lost, though.. it’s supposed to keep your lap from getting too hot while using it for long periods, but it’s really not necessary. so, it sits on my desk, holding my notebook (and presumably protecting it from dust) until i unplug the notebook and go surf on the couch without the belkin sleevetop.
next time, i’ll tell you about the orange 2g usb thumb drive that i bought. :/

kinda dumb

i have no idea who or what i’m voting for tomorrow. all i know is the phone is ringing off the hook with prerecorded messages of people who want my vote. i find it kinda annoying.

don’t be mad

i set up a google adsense account for my blog. i doubt it’ll bring in any money at all.. but if this podcast thing takes off, it just might.
i guess this’ll also force me to come up with more better content.
i figure if i get a $100 check in two years, that’ll cover my webhost costs. i still don’t know if i have to claim the income (if there is any) as taxable income. i suppose not if i don’t make more than $600 in a year. we’ll see.