after a month of head-scratching, googling, and figuring i’m an idiot, i got the home network set up. turns out, i needed to tell the modem to allow routing (essentially turning on the routing function) and now i’m able to use the main computer’s itunes library on the laptop, and print from across the room! awesome.


i ordered a usb thumb drive.. for fun. and it was “delivered” by the usps yesterday. well, here’s the rub; it wasn’t. i left the house at the same time that the (substitute) postal guy was dropping off the mail and he didn’t have a package with him.
so i had to call the post office and since they all left for their deliveries, the (very nice) lady has to wait til tomorrow to ask the guy what he did with the package. :/
also, i called our downstairs neighbor and it wasn’t delivered to him.


i wish movabletype had password protected or hidden entry capability cuz i have something i want to get off my chest but don’t want anyone to read.

stinky hippy!

so we go to woodman’s every sunday after breakfast and kurt insists on getting plastic bags since they have handles and it’s easier to carry more up stairs. we finally bought four of their canvas bags (about one paper bag’s volume a piece) to save the world a little bit. and to keep the huge bag of bags out of our kitchen. now we just have to remember to bring them to woodman’s with us.

side job

since kurt’s the manager, he asked me to make a poster for the new beer they’re carrying. i wasn’t too excited at first, since i haven’t designed anything for a long time. i borrowed some (all) elements from something i did in school for the great taste of the midwest festival. i don’t think it looks too lame.

cajun shtuff

so there’s a new restaurant up the street; bab’s french quarter kitchen. i’ve eaten there 6 times in the last two weeks. they’re great. $6-8 po’boys, jambalaya (which i hear is pretty good). but stay away from the dirty rice… it’s just white rice with sausage and green onions mixed in. :/
but! they’ve come to know me when i walk in the door, “there’s bekee! yay!”
they’re on the 1300 block of willy next to willalby’s (the old rp’s pasta joint) and they’re open tues-sat 11a-11p.

sorta crafty

i haven’t really been knitting since a week or so before christmas. the blanket you see up there has been a WIP for two months… and it’s frustrating because of all the weaving in i’ll have to do when it’s done. so i just do like 2 rows and then put it down for another week or so. :/
obligatory pic of the beings with which i live:

customer service

it’s always hard to sit through those menus, waiting for the right number to press to speak to a real, live, breathing person..
wait no longer! some kind soul(s) ha(s)ve collected all the information for us. at
they’re all pretty national; you can submit other companies not listed by using a link at the verrry bottom of the page.