i googled pizza di roma and got googlemaps. then you can click on “call them” and it asks you to enter your phone number. THEN your phone rings and it’s ringing to pizza di roma! omg. google is awesome.
ok so, if you order a pizza from them, and you just so happen to want spinach, you should expect a white sauce instead of red. kurt called them back cuz it seemed like they forgot the sauce altogether, so the phone gal gave the phone to a cook, who was very italian, and he explained that the spinach topping constituted a white cream sauce. kurt said that they should tell customers that they had to specify since it is a pizza and one would expect red sauce. it ended with an expletive. after we doctored some pieces with parmesan, pepper, and oregano, the delivery driver called back to see what was up because he didn’t understand the cook’s story. he was really nice and explained that spinach meant a feta-spinach-cream sauce and i said we were just surprised and he offered another one. so, we got a credit for the next time we order.
in conclusion, if you order from them and want spinach, be prepared for a weird pizza. cuz i’ll bet they don’t know how to make ’em with red sauce.


so ever since we got jones, part of our daily conversation consists of things like, “did he poop yet?”, “was it big?”, “was it hard?” and so on. this morning, jones’ excrement consisted not only of digested food, but plastic and foil. a week ago, he got into the garbage by the couch and ate kurt’s gyro wrapper. i’m amazed that it took so long to go through him. i, however, don’t know where the plastic came from.


i’m officially a fan of the laptop. except! i thought the madison isthmus broadband thing downtown was free! it’s not. you have to subscribe. wtf? anyway, i can’t seem to hang on to joe’s signal next door, so i’m gunna keep my dsl.
now to get the tower working again so i can balance my checkbook. :/

i’m baaack!

so when i woke up this am, i decided to bite the bullet and get a laptop. on the way to the dog park (to tire jones out before we went off to do errands), milwaukee pc called to say my broken tower was ready, but only restored to the state that it was in before i tried flashing the bios. this means i’ll have to reinstall windows in order to get it to function again. not wanting to deal with that this morning, i decided to still go with the laptop option. so here’s my new toy.

merry xmas!

we went to denny’s for breakfast this morning. our waitress was incredibly slammed and incredibly cheerful about the whole thing. our bill was almost $20 (i got the moons over myhammy without ham and a large oj). kurt left a $10 tip.
he’s gotta work tonight from 8-close and doesn’t think any of the other bartenders are coming in; so i might have to help barback, which i did once before way back when we were new. except i don’t know how to make most drinks, so i’ll probably just get ice and wash glasses… maybe it’ll be really slow and he won’t need me. i don’t know if i can stay up til 2 in the morning :/
p.s., joe is, very kindly, letting me borrow his laptop until tonight and then again next weekend (cuz i’ll need it for work).

commuter update

so i called yesterday cuz they hadn’t called me back and i was getting antsy. they’re waiting to hear back from the mobo manufacturer to see if they can get a replacement bios chip. which would save me anywhere between $150 and $200. i think i’ll still have to go get a copy of windows and reinstall that back to some semblance of stability. which apparently is $200! what a rip.
so, i don’t know when i’ll be back up and running at home… nor am i 100% against the laptop idea…


the one thing i miss most often, being a pescetarian, are gyros. i used to get the make-’em-at-home kit from woodman’s freezer section when i was a kid, and nuke everything to yummy greek perfection. imagine my excitement when i learned dimitri’s gyros (then, in the gateway mall, now on east wash) carried “veggie gyros”. their veggies include the following: lettuce, onion, kalamata olives, pepperoncinis, and tomatoes topped with crumbled feta and yummy tzatziki sauce.
well, in the last year i’ve gotten into the bad habit of playing “who’s going to deliver my dinner tonight?” and dimitri’s gyros is in the rotation. so yesterday, i decided to knock it off and try replicating this delicious meal in my kitchen for a third of the cost. it turned out pretty well! i even “strained” water out of the yogurt for 3 hours. you’d be surprised how much water is in yogurt.
the only problem with my newfound dinner is that it’s so good i had one at 5 and one at 9:30 :x!


surfing internet from couch = awesome.
joe even called me later to suggest that i get rid of my dsl and just use his wireless since i can get it over here (we live next door to our landlord—for those new to my life).
i’m considering it… broadband connections cost way too much considering the downtown area has it for free. i wonder if i could connect to that network over here.


so my computer took a crap. it’s been giving me trouble for a month or so, actually, since i got my most recent ipod, it’s been goofy. so the blue screen of death told me to flash my bios. knowing that if something could go wrong, it would; so it did.
it’s currently in the tlc of the find gentlemen at milwaukee pc. they’re like the geek squad, but not a chain. i’ve gotten computer bits from there for my last 2 computers. hopefully they’ll be able to fix it. the worst case scenario is that i’ll have to get a new mobo cpu combo :(
so, joe and tooky are outta town and i’m borrowing their laptop! i think i might fall in like with the idea of computing from the couch. so, if my computer takes a dump, i might go get a fairly inexpensive laptop.