sorry i haven’t rapped at ya in any consistent manner… i’ve been awfully busy at work and have no desire to compute when i get home.. and i haven’t thought of anything very interesting to share lately, either.
i am knitting a lot though, for the holidays, and a friend wants me to make a pink elephant for his neice, so that’ll be a nice change. i haven’t done stuffed animals yet.

steve winwood

when i was a kid, i used to think the lyrics to “when you see your chance” involved nudity. “find romance! naked!” it was very amusing to me.


i guess you can’t sell animals (or animal parts—yuck!) on craigslist.


i think i’m gunna have to find a new home for the ferrets. this sounds terrible, i’m sure, but we’ve been looking for a house and comparing the square footage we have here and what we can afford in a home, there isn’t going to be enough space for them to have their own bedroom. so i’m working up something to post to craigslist but i might have more luck putting up a sign at a pet store.


i’m working on the colorful waves throw. it’s going verrrry slowly because it’s a pattern repeat of 8 different yarns and i can’t carry them up the sides because it would be too thick and unsightly. if anyone else who’s working on this (or other very yarn-switchy patterns) has any advice, i’d love to hear it.
we’re headed to mom’s tomorrow for turkey day. we’re making spinach lasagne, baked brie, and escargots!


the massage was awesome. everyone and their mother should get one. weekly, if possible.
i just found this cool site where you can type in some strange ingredient and get a suitable substitute in the event that you might be more likely to have cottage cheese on hand as opposed to ricotta. i can see this coming in handy for ingredients that might not be available in madison (eg., “ethnic” stuff).


like two months ago, my shoulders/neck started getting knots and being sore and when i hurt my lower back two weeks ago, the pain disappeared. well, it’s returned with such force that i can’t stand it. it’s from work, i know this because it goes away by saturday afternoon.
i was afraid to ask the chiropractor about it because i don’t want to keep going (insurance doesn’t cover “maintenance” and i don’t want to go through a workman’s comp thing again… i did that once in this lifetime and it doesn’t work so hot ) so i’m getting a massage this afternoon at 4. there’s a mickey’s frequenter whose wife is a masseuse and she just started her own place called water over stone massage therapy. i’ll letcha know how it goes.


the back’s fine.
i’ve spent the last 3 days obsessing over the fact that kurt and i want to buy a house. we have yet to bite the bullet and find out how much we can get approved for, but it means we’ll probably have to leave the ‘hood… which makes me sad.
however, if i can’t find the house i want for the price we can afford in the place that we will consider living, we’ll be renting for a couple more years.

back pain day 2

if you’re following my back closer than the elections, you’ll be happy to know that i am almost 100% better. i just got back from my adjustment and he seemed pleased. i am way less tense and he was able to adjust much more easily. i have to go back on thursday and then maybe once next week cuz he wants to keep an eye on it but i’m sure i’ll be fine. the ice helped a lot and i might try it again tonight, but don’t know if it’ll do that much good since most of the soreness is from holding my pelvis wrong all day yesterday, cuz it hurt worse the other way.
on another note, my first try at duplicate stitch (it’s nothing fancy, but i didn’t think it was worth the trouble to learn intarsia for this):