dammit. i had a whole blogpost written up about my ‘to knit’ list and what bittens are, and then i went to use the dictionary and lost the tab that i was writing in.
so, i’ll cut it short by responding to mum’s comment from the previous entry: i don’t mind the theory of halloween, and would willing to participate on a lower scale; but without being strongarmed into it.

all hallow’s eve

we have to participate in halloween. we were told it was voluntary but it’s not. we’re spending a meeting this morning talking about it. some of us aren’t happy.

open question

companies are apparently moving toward plastic “credit” cards instead of rebate checks… i don’t mind this so much, as i rarely go to the bank; except they seem to have an unreasonable expiry, and there’s nowhere to spend the$2.02 that i have left on my Cingular rebate card. i feel stupid asking a waitress to run that amount on one card and the rest on my regular debit. should i just get over it?


but i forgot to take pictures.. :/
i just finished the knot ugly shrug for someone at work, and a stocking cap for someone at works’ fiance.
i’m at work already. kurt got jones out of the bedroom to take him for a walk so i could sleep in, which woke me up so i got up at like 5:55 and thought about taking the bus long enough to check the schedule to find out that the trip planner on seems to be broken. so i drove instead.

lingo bingo

as soon as i get 24 phrases, i’m going to make a lingo bingo card.
here are my favorite three from a meeting today:
“[we need to] raise the awareness up”
“…[just have to] give visibility to”
and my personal favorite (which conjurs up images to tasks that only take one full day to complete), “at the end of the day…”

5gen ipod

i just have to say that if anyone is hesitating purchasing an ipod, the 5th generation gapless playback support is the best reason to do it. now.

status report

tinker’s eating better over the last 24 hours. he seems to be enjoying the pampering and is taking to the syringe alot better than on friday. the stitches look great, but he’s bruised from all the stuff moving around and removal of the gland.
he looks kinda funny right now because the adrenal problems make a ferret lose their hair and then they had to shave a bunch on his underside to do the surgery.
time for another feeding…


he’s doing ok… he’s way groggy and has been asleep for almost all of the 4 hours he’s been home. i had to wake him up to force-feed him 2ccs of chicken baby food. he’s supposed to have 15-20ccs every 2-4 hours but i can’t bring myself to hurt him to get him to eat :( i’m gunna try again in another hour or so..
rinky is very interested in why his brother gets to be outside the cage for so long :)