one year

i forgot to tell you guys that jones turned one on sunday, september 24th. we sang happy birthday and gave him a frosty paws. it was funny.
it also marked us being owned by him for 6 months. it went by fast. those first two weeks, i hardly slept omg.


we went to the dog park after i got home from work and there were like 800 people there. anyhow, this woman with a really cute dog that looked like a cat said, “i love your hair! it’s glowing!!” and proceeded to touch my head.


i wonder how much water we’d save if everyone turned off the faucet while they brushed their teeth.


at work, we used to have a joke wherein we would blame mercury’s position in the sky for any bad moods or arguments (yes, grown adults can sometimes still sound like they’re 10). so, i’m blaming mercury for my attitude this am. i honked at someone (i never honk at other drivers cuz i know it does no good) and i flipped off another guy and i swore at two other people.
i s’pose i could just blame monday instead.


went to the dentist yesterday. i need, what he called, a “surface filling”. that sounds like an oxymoron.

four and six

on sunday, kurt and i celebrated 6 years together and 4 years being married. we went to the magnus, of course, for dinner.. the waiter was almost too nice… very polite and always called kurt “sir”. he got a good tip, though. for sure.
i had the sesame seed-pink peppercorn encrusted ahi. omfg that was good.

creature of habit

i’m kinda routine-y. but in phases. i’ll rotate through things that i like to do habitually. lately, well, since labor day weekend, i’ve become interested in the latte. since then, i’ve tried *gasp* starbucks‘, barriques‘, and mother fool’s lattes and the best one, for sure, is mother fools’ on saturday mornings. i don’t know what that guy does differently than the other barista’s, but his are the best. so, my new weekend thing is to take jones with me to get my latte and vegan cranberry-orange cookie.