i’ve been trying to use up yarn. cuz i keep buying more. but the yarn i’m buying more of is nice yarn, like noro kureyon and nashua. that stuff is better for my fingers and soul than acrylic.
so i ordered some kureyon today cuz it’s bootifully self-striping and i want to make a stripey-ribbed scarf for wintertime.
speaking of wintertime, i need to reevaluate my morning routine for when there’s snow on the ground; what with walking jones, showering, scraping car, eating breakfast, making coffee, etc.
also, too, i need a new winter coat. my black leather was never very warm, and it’s getting even less so as it wears out.

some pics

here’s yours truly.. at maybe 2 or 3:
and again at 8?:
and 9.. at the mifflin st block party:
and here’s my mom’s dad, ray. we always called him “grampa gink” for some reason. and he always called me a silly goose. the button on his hat says, “you can always tell a norwegian—but you can’t tell him much!”


kurt and i (and a couple buds) were interviewed for yet another “what do you think of the smoking ban?” article which may or may not appear in the wisco journal in the next two weeks. i don’t know if the reporter will quote me, but she was kind enough to ask, “do any of you spell your first names funny?”

a few things

this morning was one of those mornings where i went from perkins on univ. ave to the “welcome to middleton” sign at branch street without even noticing the fact that i was controlling a moving vehicle.
we’re getting a composter finally cuz the new guy downstairs wanted to know if the city had a kitchen waste compost (they don’t) and i’ve been bugging joe for one for a while now.
i wish i could pay someone to take my car to get the oil changed and get it washed while i’m at work. those two vehicular-maintenance tasks annoy me.


i just made beet, carrot, apple, orange juice. according to the cancer nutrition center, if you drink straight beet juice it can paralyze your vocal chords. weird.


i haven’t rapped about the ferrets in a long time.. see, since we got jones, and they have an a/c in the bedroom; we haven’t been very good ferret owners. :/ we don’t play with them as much as we should.

bumper stickers

i don’t want anything stuck to my car because of what i think of other people with things stuck to their car. especially people with “W ’04”, “marriage = 1man + 1woman”, “it’s a child, not a choice”. but two i’ve seen in the last 12 hours which stuck with me are “dick cheney eats kittens”, and “stupidity should be painful”.