a hawk followed me into the parking lot this morning. i wonder if it’s an omen.


sorry i haven’t rapped at you in a while. things have been rather slow, interest-wise, on account of the temperature outside.
i’m trying to knit a cowboy hat (from the happy hooker) but it’s been too hot to hold yarn.
we’re doing great things with the juicer. kurt likes to add handfulls of spinach to whatever concoction he’s come up with. i’ve discovered i’m not a fan of a lot of celery juice. who knew?
jones is doing well. kurt forgot to put the garbage in the back hallway on monday, so jones had some swiss cheese and sandwich meat, delaying any sort of excretion or further ingestion. he might be back on schedule today.


for the last few days (including last week), i’ve gotten a headache exactly at 4pm. today it’s starting at ten past one.


not too long ago, toilet-seat cover dispensers were installed in the womens’ restrooms at work. every time i hear someone use one, i wonder what they want to be protected from… and what they did for the 8 years previous.


we received our jack lalanne juicer last week and have since used it twice. it’s marvelous! yesterday, we made orange grapfruit juice and today we made orange carrot juice. this afternoon we’re going to try some combination of spinach, celery, cucumber, tomato. 6 oranges and one carrot makes two huge glassfulls. this particular juicer hardly wastes any juice.

don’t fret

sorry! i haven’t had much motivation to opine about nothing lately; so i keep it to myself.
last weekend, kurt and i upgraded our cellular phones. i got a silver motorola razr. i always thought a cameraphone was a waste, but i’ve been witness to at least two occasions around which a camera was useful. that’s not bad for a week. the reception is okay; in our house, we have to stand in the front room which is no different from our other phones. my favoritist feature is the bluetooth headset with which i can voice-dial. i even tried it while riding my bike last night. fun stuff.
we’re dogsitting sam this week. after having bella for a week at the beginning of the month, i have a great walking system down since she and sam are good off-leash walkers. at least when there are no squirrelcatbunnies around.
ok; i’m pretty busy this week at work. i might even need to eat lunch al desko today! it’s been a while since that was necessary.


it’s been a while since i rapped at you. i haven’t been at the computer much at home; what with it being summertime and all. i finally finished the ding-dang blanket:
i also made this yesterday:
crochet is a funny craft.

new skill

since i don’t have the patience for spinning, i thought i’d try my hand at another yarncraft…
here’s jones playing with “sidewall”: