i think i’m gunna sell my spinning wheel. i haven’t touched it but once or twice and it’s taking up a small amount of space in the front room. and i’m purging a bunch of junk this weekend; so i kinda want to get rid of it. but i don’t know.


i kinda want to renew my cingular contract and get a new motorola razr with the int0rnetz for $5 more a month…

nice to have

it’d be awesome to have a fridge that could display and count the contents of one’s crispers; in order to aid in the eating of fruits that get forgotten about.


it’s been “my color” for a while now. i think maybe 4 years.. i had my camera at work yesterday for a going-away party, so i thought i’d snapshot my cubeoffice.
also, i got my hairs cut:


i’ve been following the show for a while; and now i’m immortalized on ze’s 6-21 (happy solstice!) episode. click the “chelsea’s watching” link on the right.

possible good ideas

discussion ensued with some friends re the million dollar idea on friday; and we came up with some options: a carpool blog*, an advice column (either w/ you, dear reader, or w/ me helping my buddy aaron), or a sunday brunch review blog. i think i would like the advice column the best.
*the carpool blog stemmed from an idea with my ex-carpoolie to do a morning radio show since we’re quite humorous together.
i can’t think of a fake question to ask myself advice about; so if you can come up with anything, please leave a comment. i reserve the right to edit for content and length. i am also not a trained psychologist, i just think i know alot about alot.

almost fo

i only need to create two more squares and thus begins the tedious task of knitting them all together.


i passed a bicycler on jenifer street this morning. and then i passed him again on langdon. it only increased my desire to

  1. work a bikeable distance from home
  2. get a motorcyle*

neither of these things are going to happen any time soon; it’s just nice to think about.
*kurt and i have a deal; if he gets one, i get one. this will stop him from getting one.

*blank* you

every weekend, i find myself in front of the game show network watching match game. it’s a hoot. today, i find myself in front of a website with wallpapers to celebrate my committment to charles nelson reilly.