i’m feeling exceptionally misanthropic today.


when we got him, i stupidly figured he’d stay roughly the same size; not knowing how much dogs actually grow in the first couple years of their lives… he went to the vet yesterday to get his monthly heartgard and we discovered he’d gained 8lbs since the previous month! maybe it’s all the peanut butter. :)


i’m practically crawling out of my skin right now. in less than an hour, i will be starting a 5-day weekend; and i don’t have any projects to start on to keep me busy for the next 54 minutes.


i’ve been using this guy’s smart playlist theories for about two weeks now, and i think it’s made all the difference. you see, when you have 15 gigs of music at your fingertips, it’s like being at woodman’s trying to find the right orange juice; there are too many choices.
so, to summarize (he gets into a lot of detail), you spend a couple days making sure the cddb got their data right the first time by being pretty deliberate about your music’s genre. of course, this is only necessary for specific collections.. say you dig on the techno, well iTunes files everything under electronica/dance by default. and anyone who’s anyone knows there’s more to it than that (this goes for country, classical, folk, etc). after you’ve scrutinized your albums, you make several smart playlists (details available at first link above), and a final “uberplaylist” which you combine with your genres, resulting in several smart playlists by genre; allowing you to listen to a smattering of reggae that you just added to the library in addition to ones you haven’t listened to in 6 months. it opens up the experience of listening to music that you thought worthy of loading onto your computer in the first place, but may have forgotten about.
it’s just short of saying outloud, “i feel like some drum n bass but i don’t remember which artists or albums i have, will you play whatever, iPod?” i<3 it.


(almost) every sunday, we go out for breakfast somewhere in this grand city, sometimes even leaving the borders of madison to smaller, more quaint communities. we’ve tried many a buffet; starting with the nau-ti gal a number of years ago. the spread is good… and they have chocolate chip cookie dough! but for $15 (and then tack on the $5 bloody, $1.30 coffee, and some weird .5% village tax) it’s bordering on not being worth the drive. we soon branched out to other buffets, coachmen’s golf resort, the esbma, madison concourse, and most recently, the orpheum lobby. we have yet to try the edgewater because they don’t start serving until 11, and i’m usually ready to break my fast around 9.
all in all, the best buffet for your buck is the madison concourse—dayton street cafe. it’s got the most food, one free bloody, mimosa or champagne and coffee or juice.. all for $17. that seems steep, i know, but it’s a lot of food. and you won’t need to eat for the rest of the day.


each square is ~1ft and i have enough yarn to make this twice as big. my gauge is almost half the pattern’s.. maybe i knit too tight?

i promise

i’m still a knitter. i’m still working on the “throw”, which, due to an incorrect yarn amount suggestion, is taking a while because i bought too much yarn. i’m also sitting on a sock that i started while waiting for that yarn to show up, with leftover yarn from the fair isle socks… so honest! i’m knitting.


i watched the beginning of the matrix reloaded last night. actually, i made it through the scene on the highway right up to where morpheus falls on the hood of the car niobe was driving. great flick.
jones is doing great. he seems to be used to the idea that he can’t get into things when we’re not home… except on sunday, we forgot to put the garbage in the back hallway. :/ and i just got the replacement denise cables cuz jones decided to make a meal of two of them last saturday night. i’ve said it before; he’s lucky he’s so damn cute.