so, that new cd thing that i bought? jones decided to use it as a chew toy. grr.

music storage

i have one of those 92 capacity cd thing and it’s chock full; with about 30 cds still hanging out in their cases on a shelf taking up room. so i bought a 264 capacity cd thing and need to figure out how i’m going to arrange my music.. the “pages” are removable, so that sort of helps with alphabetizing, but i think i’ll just stick to filing them by genre and leave it at that.


i haven’t had a whole lot to rap about lately.. i’ve gotten 2.5 (out of 12) squares done for the retro throw; the tulip & gingham socks are done, but it’s too warm (save for today) to wear wool socks. i have a lot of yarn left over from those, so i started on some striped socks.
i’ve gotten jones to stop wrapping my yarn around furniture. he’s pretty much acclimated to our routine. we’re lucky that kurt and i have the opportunity to be home almost all the time… and i think i’ve lost weight from walking him at least two times (up to six!) a day; so everyone wins!


so, he’s gained 4 lbs in 4 weeks. at this rate, he’ll reach my estimated full-grown size of 40 lbs in 2 more months. everyone is just smitten with him; and jealous of his non-six-month-old behavior. kurt attempted walking without a leash this weekend, and it worked out just fine. a lot of ‘hood dogs don’t use a leash, but they’re like 8 and up.
i wish i were home with him right now.

what up?

jones chewed up a book last night between kurt leaving for work and me getting home. it wasn’t a spendy book.. but it was one of my favorite author’s (right up until this one book after nightmares & dreamscapes that got too sci-fi for me). so, i’m not real upset about the book itself, i can get another one for $0.01, it’s the principle.
kurt and i definitely have different styles of “parenting”.

more orange

here’s co-worker’s kid sporting a pumpkin hat.. his orange nose is from his affinity toward carrots.


i’m almost done with sock no. 3 (of 3, two of which will fit). i was worried about not having enough yarn left for the third one since i messed up on the first one, but now i wonder what i’ll do with the leftovers; probably some striped socks.
two and a half years ago, kurt and i went to ikea and stayed the night in chicago near lincoln park. we went because i needed a rocking chair in which to knit while kurt slept on the couch.. so i came home with this, and never used it.

luckily, someone loves it and will gladly hang out on it if there’s no room on the couch.
last night we made easter eggs. i know it’s a day late, but it’s not like we celebrate anyhow. we lack in drinkware for two reasons, one is cuz i have my Nalgene for water consumption, and a big pint glass for everything else. two is cuz i can’t find glasses like the ones they have at the Olive Garden. so we used these tiny wine glasses.


it’s been a while since i rapped at ya. i’ve been off work since i left the building on thursday and i don’t have to go back until thursday morning. we’re taking jones to kurt’s mom’s to surprise her. she has an enormous doberman and i hope he doesn’t mind having jones around for a little while.