a good pic

here’s jones getting a treat from kurt.

i’m leaning more toward the german shepherd because of the amount of brown in his fur, but i’d prefer he not get too much bigger considering he knocked me over when i got home last night!

random stuff

i haven’t started on the second tulip & gingham sock yet. i’m kinda nervous since the first one isn’t going to fit anyone but a small child… so, obviously, i have to knit the next one as thought it were the first and hope that i have enough yarn for a total of three.
but! i haven’t knit anything since Jones came home last saturday. he’s quite the handful… distracted and crazy outside, mellow and cool inside. kurt took him to the vet on tuesday to get his rabies shots and license applications. i wasn’t aware of the cost of heartgard and frontline.. sheesh! what a racket! he lost a tooth yesterday, too.
he slept the night in the bedroom with me; though i had to carry him into bed to get him there.

friends and pals

you don’t care, but i’m gunna cancel my friendster account. i never use it, and it’s really for single people and those who maintain a large group of acquaintances.

those da*m socks

i knit too tight. the sock doesn’t fit over my heel, and i don’t think any amount of blocking will help.
it sure looks pretty, though.

weirdly organic

i don’t remember a whole lot about last night’s dream, except for it seemed like i was on a trip with coworkers, with which i dont normally work, and i remember going to an organic restaurant that had stuff set out like a buffet, except it was done really poorly.. like, just a cookietray of some sort of vegan not-cheese snack on whole grain crackers, and a bowl of half-gone potato salad. but the patrons were all snotty about being there, “this is the most marvelous place for my diet.” “i don’t have to go to the gym after lunch here!” weirdly californian.
also, we were flying out from wherever we were, and the snotty restaurant made us late, so we had to beg them to hold the plane. plus i had to go to the bathroom; so of course that caused a ruckous since bathroom scenes seem to make it into most of my dreams.

ok i promise

this won’t turn into a jonesy-blog, but i don’t know how much time he’s gunna afford me to knit.. luckily it’s almost summer.
so i took him out at least every 45 minutes yesterday; during which time he didn’t pee. once. so, kurt got home after work and he finally peed. he’s picked a favorite spot outside the front door, which is handy. after a while, i had to go to bed.
kurt woke me up at 2:45 to tell me we’d had a little accident in front of the tv, and where are the puppy pads? well, this one was only paper trained, and puppy pads aren’t quite the same. so we thought it would be nice to have him come to bed.. as he was getting comfy, he peed. :/ so kurt yelled and i took him out and he made his last tinkle of the night. he wouldn’t come back into the bed, so i laid on the couch with him (we were extremely worried that he’d poop in the house, since it’s a little puppy-like, and he hadn’t pooped since 6pm). aside from him laying on me all night, it wasn’t too bad. i’m dog-tired though.
this a.m., he surprised me by scratching on the door, being taken out, and almost immediately finding a place to end the digestive process. he sure is lucky he’s so dang cute.


here’s jonesy:
he is SO CUTE.
p.s., i think he’s part australian shepherd and lab. also, he met like eight neighborhood dogs AND the ferrets today. he’s exhausted!


i’m making a pumpkin hat for a coworker’s kid. should turn out pretty darn cute.
with these requests, i haven’t worked on the tulip & gingham socks in about 2 weeks… but i’ll get back to them soon. the heel-turn was weird, but i figured it out.


there was one year in which i had six or seven w2’s to account to the irs. i think this was the year in which i had a job at a cleaning company; vaccuuming and dusting one of those big buildings on e. wilson. i was 16 or 17, driving george’s mom’s old dodge diplomat (the sheer size of that thing saved my life, but that’s another bloggy). so, it was either during the interview, or directly on the application, that i stated i would be taking april 19th off, if our relationship happened to include that particular date. i don’t remember if anyone acknowledged the statement, or if they thought i was kidding, but april rolled around and i asked to have april 19th off and they said no. so i quit.
that’s not something that an almost-29-year-old should do having been at the same job for almost 5 years.. but, as luck would have it, easter is the sunday before my birthday, and we get a generous amount of company holidays, so i will be far from work for SIX days, the last of which will be my date of birth.


i need to ask mom if dad was a very impatient person.. cuz i didn’t get it from her.
we haven’t heard a whole lot about the puppy. i emailed the lady on sunday to let her know to expect the application (snail mail!!1) and that we were awfully excited; she replied with her thanks and briefly described the process, without a time frame.. so i’ve been gnawing at my fingernails wondering when we’ll be bringing a dog home. it’s furrowing my brow.