my buddies and i work on the internets, so tend to make fun of what we consider Luddite-speak when it comes to being on the online. we sometimes refer to emails as e-letters; hilarity ensues,
anyhow, i remarked to colin this morning that having (almost) no paper bills in my mailbox makes things just a little less stressful. you don’t have a pile of bills to contend with, you simply have emails that need responding to, making it less of an obligation. to me anyway.

last night

i thought, how cool would it be if everyone had a blog and documented the interesting things about their day.
for instance, yesterday morning, as i came to the stop at baldwin and spaight, another car had stopped on spaight to take a right on baldwin. it appeared that he got there at the same time as me, so he had the right of way. well, the cop behind him seemed to think differently. as he turned, the cop butted in front of me and pulled d00d over.
so, if this guy blogged about getting pulled over, and happened to mention what the policeman said, i could google the incident, and comment on the entry that i thought he had the right of way, and no hard feelings.


a recurring event in most of my dreams is some sort of problem with the bathroom. either there’s no door on the stall, or the toilet is overflowing, or there’s some sort of atrociously long line and i’m the one holding it up.
anyhow, last night, i also dreamed that i was showing off tattoos that i don’t really have, and i got pulled over for having an old-skool tape player on my lap (apparently my car didn’t have a radio) and it was illegal, in my dream, to have a tape player in your lap. so i got a warning.. but the warning was a ticket not unlike a movie ticket stub. weird.


i go to amazon, right? cuz i want to check out my wishlist and see if i can treat myself to some new music. so i’m clicking around, and i see the 30g white video ipod.. so i click on it. then amazon tells me that i have to add it to my cart for weekend prices and it says i can get it for $30 less.. additionaly, if i apply for the amazon credit card, i can get $30 more off. so i’m going to spend the next 3 hours or so considering it.
update: so, i decided the end purchase wouldn’t be worth the savings since i’d probably have to get applecare ($52) and i’d need a new iTrip ($50) and iSkin (~$30).. both less shipping. so, i ended up treating myself to a bunch of cds. in addition, mom got me an iTMS gift certificate for the holidays, so i bought two cds electronically.

don’t mind me

i’m trying to make my blog less tables and more css, but it wasn’t working out with just modifying the old layout and stylesheet, so i’ve used the default one while i get things back to looking more “me”.


i think everything is pretty copacetic.. the recent comments aren’t in order, but no one will notice except me.
on to better things, here are my two projects before being felted:
the bag is about 11″ from top to bottom. i used 10s instead of 10.5s to get a tighter knit. the fuzzyfeet on the left were done on 10.5s, as the pattern suggests. i forgot, until i was all done, that lighter colors felt less than darker ones, because of the processing before dying (i doubt it’s called bleaching, but it has to be un-colored before it’s dyed, resulting in a fiber that’s less willing to be “ruined” any more). i’ll be spending a lot of time in the tub tomorrow with my plunger getting these guys to cooperate. after pics when they’re dry.


it’s supposed to be shitTAY tomorrow. i wonder if they’ll let us leave early. the snow is supposed to start around noon and accumulate all night. i’m renewing my aaa membership right now because i bet i’ll go off the road if i don’t have it.

oh, oh!

i finished MY fuzzyfeet yesterday (while sitting on the couch watching bad tv), so they’ll get felted soon, along with the booga j bag that i finished last week. i promise to take before and after pics.
also, this might be amusing to you, or not.. i misplaced my scissors about a week ago.. couldn’t find them anywhere. kept joking that kurt stole them, etc. well, if your knitting area is anything like mine, you’ll have hats and gloves laying around on your coffee table along with current project instructions and other knitting magazines. i found them yesterday because i happened to be untying my shoes at the exact right location. the scissors were practically plain-as-day on the coffee table sticking out from under a hat.


i stayed home yesterday. i didn’t think it fair to my co-workers to come to work in the mood i had. so, kurt and i went to la hacienda for lunch. on the way out, i noticed a bumper sticker which claimed, “welcome to america. now learn english.” wtf were they doing at la hacienda then? i wanted to key their car.