i think my years and years of phone jobs have given me this strange, what i call, a “phone voice”. it’s an alternate me. i don’t sound anything like it in person. especially at work. i sound all girly and nice and i say thank you too much.


been feeling kinda zombie-ish lately.. i think kurt is, too. he doesn’t work sun-tues and is getting cabin fever from it being too cold to bike ride during the day and too boring inside the house.
i gave mom a booga j bag for her bday, so i started another one.. got the kureyon off ebay for cheap. it’s just knitting in the round, so it’s nothing especially challenging. i think i’d like to do some lace work, but i’m not a shawl person, nor do i have a need for doilies.


i haven’t been very bloggy lately. i’ve been busy at work until now, and my home internets are going slow for some unknown reason so i haven’t been using the computer. i seem to ponder this every january, but sometimes i wonder why i even have a computer and internet at home because i hardly use it. and then i daydream of the idea that i unplug and start a yarn store. then i come back to reality.

fair isle done

wow. it took ~3 hours to weave in the ends. i carried three colors that it made sense to, but there were four other colors that were only used for six rows every 18 rows, so it didn’t work out to carry those. anyhow, i guess i know how to fair isle now… i don’t wear hats, really, so i’m not sure who’s going to be the lucky recipient of the hat, but i’ll take pics soon. i also started on some bittens with the classic elite marl la and didn’t realize that it was 4 2-ply strands spun together. that’s too thick for bittens, so i had to unply them into two and two. that was fun.

bathroom habits

i don’t like it when i’m the only one in a five-stall bathroom and someone comes in and uses the one right next to me.


well, it’s going. the continental knitting style is hard to get used to, but it does seem like it would be faster than english. i’m halfway through the charted pattern, so you can see the blue/red combo. 10 rows took the duration of the hitchhiker’s guide so that gives you an idea of how long it takes to fair isle.


TChem was right. two-handed makes way more sense with two colors. it was a little awkward since i tried it on a row that i was to purl, wrapping the yarn around the bottom, but it still went faster. dare i say twice as fast? anyhow, this should certainly speed the progress. pics when i get to the charted pattern.


i think i want a klein bottle.
p.s., thanks TChem! i forgot that i had found in which there is a video of how to do two-handed fair isle. i’ll check it out before going any further!


fair isle is s-l-o-w! i can’t hold the yarn over my pointer finger *and* my thumb! so i pick up the yarn every other stitch. two-color cast-on, 1 k row, and 1 p row on 128 sts took me a little over an hour. [phew] but it looks kinda cool.

uh oh

when boredom happens, i buy yarn. i just got three skeins of kureyon off ebay for $25 with shipping, and three hanks of classic elite marL la from elann for 1/2 the retail price. omg.