for a couple years now, gramma gets $1 scratch-off tickets for everyone which she hands out at our holiday get together.. well last night, i thought we won $1,058 but the instructions were less than clear and it turns out that it was completely backwards; we didn’t win anything.
but the second ticket was a $24 winner. which kurt thought would be good to turn into powerball tickets for this wednesday’s drawing. he says we’re due.

last night’s dream

i don’t remember a whole lot of it, but i do remember that i was in my hometown of oregon, wi, walking around where i used to have the majority of my paper route and someone was having a garage sale in their living room (?), so i went in and discovered that they had an old atari 2145 (this model doesn’t really exist) and it was all silver and shiny instead of being made of black plastic, like the atari 2600. and it was going for $10 but i didn’t have any green money on me. then i woke up.

gunna try

to bust out a bunch of the new knitty’s pocket creatures for gifts around the office. we’ll see how long one takes before i promise too much; plus i have to find dried lavender. and cotton? maybe i’ll just buy some cheap socks.

this is only a test

i’ve stopped carpooling. i’ll bet that sounds weird; kinda like, “i hate the earth and i will pollute more now!1”
we’re doing a trial run to see if my panic attacks are caused by my feeling like i can’t leave when i want.. if i needed or wanted to. even on the days that i drive, there would still have to be coordination around who’s going to get him home. i think it boils down to me having very little patience. this is a fault of which i’ve known for several years but can’t seem to shake it alltogether.
regardless, i haven’t even felt slightly panicky at all this week; even if it’s placebic*.
i just discussed this word-use with coworkers, and they wanted me to use “placeboesque” or “placebo-like” and i said no.


i don’t get as many creepy search engine referrals since 3 years’ worth of entries are no longer out on the internets. i do miss going back to see what i was feeling/doing a year ago, though.. but we might have some good news, apparently my webhost upgraded my account last month to include a mysql database, so i might have better luck importing entries into that. i really don’t like sitting in front of a computer when i get home, so this transition will have to wait until either the weekend, or our holiday.


somehow, the manner of living to which i have become accustomed has been costing more, leaving me with less. i’m not exactly sure what habits i’ve changed that have resulted in a tiny wallet, but i wish they’d go back to where they came from.