happy tday

we just got back from aunt’s in sun prairie. it was quite fun. kurt was a good sport as mikayla sprayed sparkles on his head.


i’ve been feeling on the verge of a panic attack for almost a week now.

strange one

last night’s dream started out, i think, with kurt trying to buy a card (like a hallmark card�but not) and it was at some weird self-scanning station where you pay a machine instead of a person; anyhow, he scanned the card too many times because he didn’t understand how it worked. then i had to ask the store guy to refund his card but he said he couldn’t because the correspondence card was actually the product of a religious group which had set up shop inside of their store. so we had to walk outside and around to another door, not unlike a lot of knick-knack shops on bway at times square. we found the counter where these two jamaican guys were set up (i was reading about rastafari yesterday) and they said they couldn’t refund kurt’s money but would give us an instructional video in exchange for the extra charges.. basically, kurt’s mistake was turned into an organizational donation. so we left and found a restaurant where one of kurt’s coworkers was waitressing and the hostess was trying to get us seated in her section but she was too full so they had me deliver a glass of water to table 2. then i woke up.


i was talking with a buddy of mine, bill, at the tavern this weekend about dreams in general and lucid dreaming in specific.. he had spent about 10 years studying ludic dreams and writing them down if they seemed to mean something.
anyhow, he’s lent me a book to read on the subject. it should be interesting.
so, last night i had a work dream. which involved my boss’ boss having to write up a business case in order for us to get one of those dorm fridge’s up by our little area. funny.

on the hunt

i want to make one of those oversized aran fishermen sweaters but can’t seem to find a decent pattern online. if any of you knitting webloggers happen upon this entry and have a good resource for this sort of sweater, i’d love a nudge in the right
direction. i even found the perfect yarn at elann.
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almost forgot

oh the weekend away was marvelous. except for our horrible dining experience at the lakehouse inn.
we arrived ~15 minutes before our 8:00 reservation, so we sat at the bar to get a drink… after the hostess looked like she wasn’t too busy, i told her that gibson party of 2 was ready (i always use my last name when i make a res because kurt’s would have to be spelled). she sat us at the worst table in the house (by the kitchen doors). we sat, unattended to and without water, for ten minutes. finally some harried lady came rushing over to say she’d be with us in a second and sorry for the wait. at this point, we decided we were never going to get our food. about 3 minutes later, our crazy, rushed waitress came back and took our order. when kurt said we wanted the deep-fried clam appetizer, she said, “good luck getting an appetizer! i’ve been waiting for onion rings for the back room!” she left, and we joked that she was out back shooting up because she was only spotted in the dining area when she was looking after us, which was almost never. then, a completely different waitress came over and asked if we had been helped, and i said “yes, we placed our order, but we’d love some water.” because it had been almost 20 minutes since being seated, and no water. our harried, cracked-out waitress comes back with the fresh relish tray that was noticeably missing the green onion that was spotted on every other table at which i glanced. color me mad. fast forward through the run-of-the-mill salads and pretty good clams to cracky-mc crackerton announcing that she had to “find” kurt’s french onion soup; which we deduced was the reason for it being room temperature upon delivery. finally, our entre�s arrived at 8:45. EIGHT FORTY FIVE. even a four course meal at the magnus doesn’t take this long. my walleye pike was so-so, but kurt got the filet and forgot to ask them not to wrap it in bacon. he hardly ate any of it. luckily the total was only $35 and some change. kurt was pained to leave only a 10% tip; his usual is over 20%. so, in the unlikely event that lori, the crackhead waitress from edgerton ends up on this entry, that’s why your tip sucked so bad.


kelly just won the felicity & elizabeth dolls at a work drawing. and she gave me felicity because she already has her. omg.