well, not really.. but at breakfast saturday morning, two people recognized me at the come back in, one said, “hey core gal” and the other said “there’s that famous lady on the cover of core.”
it’s quite surreal to see my face in places around the town.. thankfully the stack at mickey’s has diminished; presumably because all my buddies have taken them home.
i’m almost done with the to dye for sweater; just weaving in the ends now. it’s the most annoying part of knitting a sweater, but it must be done.


you may or may not be privvy to the office euphamisms that are used in this day and age, but one that is over-used at my place of work is “fire drill” when referring to an incident or error that needs to be attended to immediately if not sooner. well, in accordance with definition, workmate colin and i have started to refer to these instances as “fire alarms”; because that’s what they are.
we are like the rhinos* of the web.
*rhinos are natures fireman.

omg are you kidding?

i’m going to be on the COVER of core weekly. my downstairs awesome neighbor knows a photographer who will be grabbing an instance of my life on sunday for a future cover.
mom, i will get you a copy.
maybe i’ll become famous!

three years

on the saturday version of the willy st fair, we ran into the woman who married us. i said, “kate! where were you three years ago today?” and she said, “oh my goddess!” (she’s pagan) and then she snapped our pic.


i started the to dye for sweater, from the first stitch n bitch book, and its going really fast. i have ~5 inches of the back done already. plus, i’m hosting crafty saturday today, so i should be able to get a lot more done.