new toy!

so, i got this today:

a friend of a friend is moving and getting rid of some stuff.. so i inherited this 1940’s singer electric sewing machine.
it looks to be in good shape! i don’t have any fabric to test it out on, but i have a feeling i’ll be sewing up a storm this winter. i need to get a little table to set it on.


i just ordered this bag. i have its older sister version, which i bought for nyc, but it’s kinda too big for just walking around this town. the fullest my current bag gets is when i’m going to work.. but for weekends and nighttimes, it seems silly.


two ladies were sitting in their cars applying makeup in the parking lot at work this a.m. is this a weird morning time-saver? i don’t know. i don’t wear makeup.


the grilled cheese at hubbard ave always tear up the roof of my mouth; yet i insist on getting it each and every time we go.


so, having gotten recently into podcasts, something really cool about them (aside from their meaning and use) is that if you start listen to one on your ipod and then switch to a song elsewhere, and then go back to your podcast, it’ll remember where you had left off!1


the reunion went swimmingly. it was nice to see everyone, though a little strange, as it has been 10 years. lots of people kept in touch; i was surprised about that. i think i forgot to leave my email address in the “guest book”.. oh well.

so this is it

i’ll be at my 10 year reunion in about 9 hours or so.. i’m still ambivalent about the time i’ll have. something tells me that it won’t be too exciting. either way, i can’t stay very long; joe’s band is playing at mickey’s at 10ish tonight, and i want to get a good seat.
kurt’s shuffle left the fedex warehouse this morning from cali. so it should get here monday or tuesday. apple’s really fast when it comes to shipping.
i haven’t been knitting at all this whole week. it’s too hot to enjoy yarn running across fingers, especially wool.


we just bought kurt a 1g shuffle last night. it should get here by monday. he will use it for bikerides and democracy now podcasts. i just have to figure out how to set up itunes to be smart without having two logins to windows.