more on crafts

i got a bug today to use up some of the beads i’ve had for over 10 years. i used to make hemp necklaces and have a large collection of glass beads leftover from those times. the following are the results of my efforts over the last 2.5 hours: update: i forgot to mention that these are stitch markers for knitting.

crafty saturday!

(almost) every saturday, i have some people over to enjoy being crafty. last week sam was over for a little bit. i tried to get him to knit, but he wasn’t having any of it:

here’s ann working on a wolf counter-cross stitch:

judy, working on a tiger latch-hook rug that was started years ago:

and finally, i tried spinning with the drop spindle that i ordered. i am amazed that i understand what’s going on; and that will help me use the wheel. i just need to get the hang of drafting. here is my resulting yarn from today. it’s nothing pretty, it’s got baubles all up and down it, and it’s terribly uneven in weight. but it’s mine. :)


i just got word that a “get together” has turned into a reunion. because 10 years ago, i graduated from high school. :/ i still don’t know if i want to go.

sorry it’s been so long

i haven’t had much to say lately. i got my spindle and the book to explain to me what the heck i’m supposed to be doing. i was skipping a very important step which was creating troubles. if it’s not as hot tonight as it’s supposed to be, i might give ‘er a try.


my drop spindle and book came today and i can’t wait* to get home and try it.
*my new thing to say after saying that i can’t wait for something is, “i am going to fall asleep until it happens so i don’t have to wait.” i think it’s reaching the not-so-funny part of the letterman theory of humor**.
**coined by colin. it’s the act of repeating a word, phrase, joke, or action well past the point that it is no longer funny, until it turns itself around and becomes funny once again.


the made for tv product* is unimpressive.
i just dropped a blob of yogurt on my keyboard at work. don’t fret, though. i popped off the affected keys and cleaned it all up.
*edit: i was getting some weird referrals because of the name of this product, so i had to change it.

as seen on tv, part deux

last month, i blogged about buying something* from a tv ad. someone has recently commented asking for thoughts on the product:

I see that you purchased (that stuff)*, and I am curious how well it works. Could you share any thoughts you might have on the product?
Thank you, David

david, i have to be honest. i haven’t used it yet. the shipper was backordered for ~3 weeks, and when i finally got it, the novelty was worn. and i had just power-cleaned the ferret room; so it didn’t need more help. i promise, though, that i will use it this weekend and give a full report; cuz the room needs it.
*edit: i was getting some weird referrals because of the name of this product, so i had to change it.