holy cats!

what a great party! we were rocking and rolling for about 7 hours yesterday with a whole lotta peeps. i made shishkabobs, grilled eggplant, potatoes, and noodle salad. everybody made or brought something, and there was badminton and ping pong. it was a hoot. if you weren’t invited, don’t be sad! it was a word-of-mouth party that my downstairs neighbor was in charge of.

first lace

i don’t think this is /really/ lace knitting, but it’s my first time with this sort of pattern. you can’t really see the laceyness in this pic, but the kpppm looks very pretty. i bought a grab bag of five skeins over a year ago, and hadn’t found a pattern that it wanted to be until this one..


it’s been almost a year since i woke up hours before the alarm was supposed to go off. i’m trying to decide if i should get a head start or jog or something. or maybe i should stop somewhere for a paper and coffee and eggs. i’m feeling a lot better this morning, save for the extra-dry throat and dry cough and dry nostrils that woke me up.


well, i stayed home again yesterday. i woke up at 4, coughing, and couldn’t get back to sleep. so i called in at 5 or so. it appears that everyone here is sick.

:( part deux

well, my throat is still quite sore. but i have been knitting. honest. but mt 3.16 is being finicky and it won’t let me upload pics to show you. so you’ll just have to believe me. let me try again.. here’s the felted mobieus fanny (can never seem to get things to felt as tight as i want):

and a cutie little bonnet for baby bazsali: