mt 3.15

my webhost claims to have made changes last week to support the newest version of mt, so i might attempt another installation this afternoon.
i wish my spinning wheel wasn’t in new zealand. it’s been over a week and that’s not nearly fast enough for my american consumerism. i actually dreamed last night that it arrived.
it’s been a month of no smoking in the house. i think the smell is finally gone. it sure accentuates the smell of clothes that have been at the tavern.
i finally got some new shoes. i’ve been looking all winter for a suitable replacement to my brown boots. i ended up with brown heeled pennyloafers. and a bonus pair of sketchers running shoes at clearance price. thanks dsw.

blah blah blah

my college sociology teacher (j. mark thomas–whom i took 5 classes from because i liked him so much) used to start out most of his semesters with the same theory; that we, as animals, make our appearance such that it invites the type of person with whom we want to have a relationship (friendly or otherwise). and i have never been totally in agreement with that, because of my own appearance. i firmly hold the belief that i appear and act the way i do in order to save myself the time and/or trouble of talking to someone who doesn’t have the decency or patience to get to know me before forming their opinion. this is probably why i have a hard time concerning myself with other peoples’ perceptions of me.
i know none of you who see me more than once a year are ever very shocked at the amount of metal on my face, so you might not understand.


sorry, i’ve been busy. don’t fret though, i’m all good.