my attempt to upgrade to mt 3.15 didn’t work. apparently my webhost is notorious for not supporting the most recent version.

last night

in celebration of the impending spinning, i broke down and ordered sushi from edo. i know i said i wouldn’t ever again, but i had a craving. i must remember though, that their spicy tuna hand rolls are shite compared to takara’s. edo’s tuna sashimi, though slightly less tasty, is a larger portion, and you get two pieces with each order.
the black dragon roll was excellent, as always. it really hit the spot. i don’t think i’ll go wrong again if i stick to no more than four items.


i just bought a spinning wheel on ebay from new zealand. i’m nervous. and i hope it’s as awesome as i think it will be.


over the weekend, people asked how i felt, or how the apartment was without george. i said it was much quieter. which is funny because beardies don’t make noise.
haven’t found a local store that sells the spinning wheel that i want.. i also don’t know how much raw wool cleaning i’m up for. it sounds like more work than it’s worth. i could just buy predyed (or white) roving and pay for convenience.
anywho, i might have to order a wheel on the online. i’m partial to the ashford kiwi, mostly cuz it’s the least expensive (without being almost useless). i have to check and see how much shipping is, and what their return policy is (in case this wheel doesn’t get along with me).
got some new cds yesterday to fill up bip2. tom petty & the heartbreakers greatest hits, best of the talking heads, and the new pornographers electric version.


george is going to his new home this afternoon, so i made the new owner a guide for taking care of him. that guide is here: open pdf file.


spinning wheels are so expensive! i’ve been looking at spindles online, but it’s all super confusing cuz i don’t know what i’m looking at. they might as well be dreidles. i need a starter kit.


this is a happy day (actually, we figured it out yesterday), someone from work is adopting george and he’ll be heading to his new home on friday. and. this means. that i get to start the venture into spinning my own yarn! if the connection is lost on you, the space taken up by george’s aquarium is quite large, and filling it with a spinning wheel seems like the best use.


i finished one dog sweater yesterday, but would like the dog to try it on before i start the next one. kurt’s mom came up yesterday and we went to a book reading at a room of one’s own. one of the book’s contributors was a friend of kurt’s sister, kristine. the story was about her friendship and heartache. it was done really well and, even though i don’t know jackie well, i’m proud of her for writing it.
oh, i got a poster on our work bulletin board to give george to a good home, and got three interested parties, but none passionate enough to be really all that interested. :/ “i’m cute! take me home.”