i sat through the stepford wives (the recent remake) this weekend with sam. it wasn’t terrible. kurt says i keep describing movies as “slow in the beginning”. he commented on it cuz most movies are. anyhow, nicole kidman didn’t annoy me as much as she usually does. matthew broderick will always be ferris to me, though. no matter how old or plump he gets.
on a separate note: bip2 (the new ipod) is doing well. i’m awaiting the arrival of the new iskin and will probably try to sell my old one on ebay.


only 10 months ago i got my first ever 15g 3rd gen iPod.. and a best buy 2 year product replacement plan. i got to use that plan to get this:

a 20g 4th gen iPod for the low, low price of $40. so, that’s all!


i’ve been smoke-free at work for about 2 months (minus the 1.5 week holiday) and i find myself having a craving for something every day at approximately 3.. i need to come up with a healthful alternative to gardetto’s and reese’s peanut butter cups. something i can keep in my drawer at work. maybe a box of granola bars.. i wish we could have a dorm fridge up here.


now i’m just annoyed. the one on my wrist is making my watch too tight, and they migrated from my elbows to behind my knees. i’m tired of taking an antihistamine.


now they’re on my wrists, hands and belt line. the cluster on my elbow is still there, but it’s not as bad today. the antihistamine is making me tired and cranky.


well. i got hives at about 2:15 this afternoon so i went to urgent care and they seem to think i’m allergic to penicillin. i think they’re wrong. but i took a waldryl, so we’ll see. i also have them on the other elbow and both knees, but this is the best collection (click for pic).


so i ended up ordering from edo last night. and they forgot my shrimp tempura roll. and i didn’t call them back because i just won’t order from them again. dumb.


so, i shelled out for a new video card and the sims 2 yesterday. omg it’s so much better than the first (which i will still continue to play!). i made kurt and i and we live in this little house, etc. etc. the kurt character walks just like him. i’ll post pics tonight.
he and joe are heading to milwaukee to hang out with their texas friends who were replanted up here. so i’m either going to go out for sushi by myself, go out for sushi with bob*, or stay home and play sims 2 for another 6 hours.
*unbeknownst to him yet. i’ll call him if that’s what i decide to do.


well, the kids have never seen snow, so we decided to take them out. it didn’t last very long.