something’s wrong with me. you know how your mouth feels all salivatey when you’re going to throw up? mine’s doing that, but i don’t feel nauseous.


sorry the blog’s been so lame lately. i wonder if it’s run its course? nah. i’m just boring around the time changes. and i wake up at weird times. i’ve been playing a /lot/ of sims. actually, yesterday, i probably played at least 6 hours of it. i finished the clapotis last weekend.

work’s going okay. we’re in the midst of planning for next year, which means a lot of meetings about projects that aren’t really scoped, trying to guess how many more people (or hours) we might need to get each project done. not a lot of it is really out-sourceable, considering the size of some of them. i guess it’s job security; which is never really an issue for me. i’m malleable at work. i’m working on clearing out my stash. everything is pretty hidden by the couch, so it’s not as much of an eyesore. i’m doing a cord-pull closing bag that i’ll probably felt. unless it’s superwash wool. i should make sure before i get my heart set on felting it. we attended our annual lutefisk dinner on saturday, in barneveld. the comment was made that i’m the only grandchild who attends anymore.. i like our little outing. it’s not a huge family thing where it’s hard to get everyone together. i’m gunna go try to fall back to sleep.


i’ve been so boring lately. work’s been kinda up and down, and things were a bit crazy at home. i’m meeting with someone about doing a website after work today, hopefully we’ll get done with enough time for me to get home and watch the election results all night.