the long weekend went waay too fast. wednesday night was spent watching handsome daddy paxem at the crystal for a little bit (it got loud and crowded, so i had to skidattle prematurely). then i woke up thursday and knitted for a bit and commenced to make mushroom pesto lasagne (which i’ll be having for lunch for the next week). friday was almost a normal routine. we went to la hacienda, as per usual, and then to best buy for the vacuum experience, and off to grocery shop. saturday was pretty regular. i just knitted and watched tv, then down to the tavern for some pool with kurt. sunday, we met mom and george at the Nauti Gal for brunch. it was pretty good once again! i love the make-your-own omelette bar. then kurt’s mom came up and watched fahrenheit 9/11. omg, depressing. now i’m listening to wish you were here, to drown out the workdin.

i made a mouse from stitch n bitch nation for the ferrets. i don’t know if they’ll use it as a plaything, or take care of it like a baby. they have some favorite balls that they keep in their secret hidy place, so it might end up there. i started on the loopy chill pillow, too. i’ve had a 14″ pillow form for over a year, waiting to be covered with something. luckily, the pattern calls for a form that size. the loops aren’t hard to make, but i’m picturing my conch piercings getting caught in them if i actually use the pillow. oh well.
we tested out the dyson as soon as kurt got it all put together. it pulled up sand and grossness from the carpet right in front of the door. i can’t wait to see the reservoir after kurt does the whole apartment. yicky!


no yarn yet.. but if they ship via usps, the mailman rarely gets here before 4.
had my first panic attack in over a month at woodman’s just today. perhaps it was the mexican food mixed with the best buy crowd and then the grand final� in the checkout line. i think the checker thought i was gunna pass out. he kept looking at me weirdly. or else he’s seen me on friendster or something. i seem to be fine now, but i feel like someone popped me one in the stomach.
kurt and i got a dyson vacuum. their website is pretty cool. we get to hang out with sam tonight. he has new booties to keep the floors from getting yucky. i get to go try and put them on him now.


i forgot to tell you that i’ll be off work starting around 4:30 until next monday. i hope my order from webs comes soon so i can work on the 6 pairs of bittens that people want.


workmate colin says i should write a book. i told him that my revocabularizations seem most effective when audible.. but i think i should keep a list of my word substitutes. maybe they’ll be dictionaried some day.
college cheese n. (it’ll make you smart!) cottage cheese
besidedown adj. anything that is sitting on its opposite end
tormado n. used to describe a twister, or the tornado room steakhouse
permater n. tomato, esp. when sliced, on a cold sandwich
pistashabos n. pistachio nuts
al desko adj. the practice of eating lunch at one’s desk
commuter n. those newfangled contraptions on people’s desks
nalgenes n. anything inside my (or others’) nalgene bottle
non’t v. a combination of “no” and “don’t”
spendy adj. an expensive item, restaurant, or adventure
hairs cutty n. haircut
yarms n. yarn, plural
jigesting v. digesting
breffiss n. breakfast


i taught my friend judy how to cast on and she managed about 7 rows of the knit stitch before i sent her on her way. she’s making a garter st scarf for herself. we were gunna start with something smaller, like a square, but she might not have been as motivated. :)
i also got this done while she was here:

it looks like a firecracker!


a while ago, i ordered some Griffin EarJams. these puppies attached to the factory iPod earbuds to increase bass and deliver improved sound. so, i ordered them mid-september.. the product page claimed they’d be shipping by the end of september. to make a long story short, they kept changing the ship date until, early nov, it said “now shipping”. in the middle of all this, i emailed their customer service (which, by the way, is the opposite of those two words) asking if everything was still on track to ship end of sept cuz i couldn’t wait to hear them! the only response i got was “yes.” so i wait and wait until it says “now shipping!” so i emailed them again. “did you lose my order? just checking.” no response. until 3 days after that, my card was charged and 2 days after that, they arrive.
they’re shite. if you know anyone who thinks they want to support one more of griffin’s stupid iPodified products, tell them to go buy some sony in-ear phones.