the wisconsin state journal has dubbed aries an 8 for the last two days. i’m confident they’re lying.


i finished the baby blanket for friends soon-to-be parents. this yarn came from an italian sweater that i got at marshalls which ended up not fitting nicely. i couldn’t throw it out, so i frogged it and saved the yarn.

you can’t see the squares very well in this image, but i made up the very easy pattern.
co 100 sts
row 1: *k10, p10*, rep from * to * for 10 rows
row 11: *p10, k10* rep from * to * for 10 rows
row 21: (repeat rows 1-10)
row 31: (repeat rows 11-20)


just as i was passing under the beltline to get to work, i was presented with a semi-full of, what appeared to be, albino ducks. presumably going to get butchered up. i teared a little. on a lighter note, next friday i planned a web team breakfast outing at the original pancake house. the tab will be picked up by the company!

good day!

kurt got up and made me a yummy egg sammich this morning. he’s perfected the art of the round, fried egg.

pollen update

so i just take a tsp and throw it in my mouth and chew it up and then wash it down with water. it seems to work.. i didn’t take it last friday or saturday and felt strange both days. saturday night, i was supposed to have a pool date with my friend tim, but there were loudies in the pool room and a little too much sensory input for me. so panic set in and i shot better than i usually do. but i couldn’t play another game so i coerced kurt home.


i’m finally knitting something! i did a little searching and figured out the kfb and pfb problem and have started the clapotis. it looks like my yarn is smaller than what the pattern calls for, but i couldn’t find anything closer. and there ain’t no way i’m paying $75 for yarn for a scarf.

oh, hi jennifer! i miss you too!


got comments working again. and got about 20 comment spams over the last 12 hours. :/