what to do?

well, i still have almost as much yarn as i had at the end of last winter and i don’t know what to do with it. i have visions of just grabbing random balls and knitting up this weirdly color-schemed scarf. maybe i will.


i finished clapotis yesterday.. it isn’t blocked yet, but it looks good. it’s not as long as i thought it would be, but that’s cuz i never swatch and didn’t use the super-spendy yarn that was called for. speaking of yarn, i have a lot of it to use up, but i haven’t any ideas about what to knit. that’s probably because i have a couple plastic bags full of knitted items that haven’t been bought or gifted, and i really don’t need to add to them.


i went out and bought the sims makin’ magic. the last expansion pack prior to ea games coming out with the sims 2 (which i don’t think my video card can handle). makin’ magic is hilarious! you go to magic town and buy things like toad sweat, honey, and rubber chickens to put into your spell machine. then you charge your magic wand and cast a spell on another sim. you can also go to magic town and participate in duels and magic shows. it’s probably my favorite expansion pack since hot date.

this morning

i didn’t have dsl. so i talked to ryan of tds technical support, and we tried a bunch of stuff but nothing worked. so two hours of playing the sims later, all of a sudden, it worked again. that is all.


i used to collect things as a kid.. well, i guess i still do. i had a collection of pins. you know, the kind that look best on a jean jacket. one of my favorites was, “what if the whole world farted at once?”. just today i brought my yo-yo collection to work.

pet peeve

it made me really mad this morning:

there’s a specific diagram that comes with your annual license renewal sticker. it tells you to put the damn thing in the lower right corner. not in a new place each year, and not in some strange location where it can’t be found easily. cripes.

halfway done

i skimped on the increase rows cuz it seemed like it was taking forever, and now i’m halfway through the straight rows. i don’t like how the ends curl around, and am hoping that blocking will help that. but it’s cotton yarn. and i’ve never blocked anything.

it really is a very ingenious pattern, though. i wonder how people come up with this stuff.


today was our offsite breakfast celebration with the amazing group of people with which i get to work! we went to the original pancake house and all had an excellent time. my spinach crepe was superb. yum. but now i’m sleepy, and have little to do today.


had sushi with some workmates at takara last night. it wasn’t as good as i had remembered, so the first-timer among us didn’t have as pleasing a time as i had hoped. oh well, there’s always next time. i’ve been commissioned for quite a bit of knitted stuff lately. matching dog sweaters for two little dogs, legwarmers for a newborn, and fingerless gloves.