kurt and i had a fantastical dinner at the magnus last night to celebrate our second annual wedding anniversary and forth annual meeting-up anniversary. it was good times. today is the willy st fair, and we have a wedding reception to go to at olin park, and then poker. it’s gunna be a full day!


i’m coming in late on the bandwagon, but i’ve just subscribed to bloglines and i think it’s a fantastic thing. i have three subscribers to this here blog (one of whom is me), but some of the other places to which i’m subscribed have over 3,000. i guess i better start coming up with better content quickly. i ordered some Griffin EarJams a week ago, before they were “shipping by end of september”. so i have to wait to report on their quality.


i decided this morning when i woke up at 4 that i was going to make a valiant attempt at quitting smoking. i tried, in january, to bring the amount of cigarettes per day down to 10. that lasted for a short month. this time i didn’t bring my cigarettes to work with me. i’m confident that it’ll work for a little while; lately i’ve just been smoking because i smoke. i haven’t really wanted to. plus, it’s interfering with my bikeride.


j&t got back from toronto yesterday, and the brought us this:

the “3d gloves” squeak. it’s quite funny.


i’ve had to institute IP banning on my blog. . i don’t know if the spammers are faking their IP addresses, so if you get an error while commenting, please email me.


i really want to knit this but i have no idea what pfb, and kfb. have i been out of the game too long?


i had to re-do my blog one more time. i’ve sent an email to my webhost asking them what is up with everything. they’re usually pretty good about helping me, so maybe they know something i don’t.


another one today at lunch. actually it started around 10, but i ignored it.. and then once the food came, i couldn’t hold my fork straight. i forgot to mention another one .. woulda been august 22nd while playing poker. i’m fine now, though.