i can’t check home email from work anymore. cuz someone somewhere got a virus so they blocked access to all web-based email providers. i also can’t figure out how to get my comments working again.

hell’s yea!

won poker last night. maybe the bee pollen gave me extra stamina, cuz we played from 6-11. whew. we’r esupposed to be having a huge update at work today to launch a new initiative.. but it hasn’t happened yet (updates usually happen by 9). so i’m sitting on my hands for a little bit.

bee pollen update

it’s not powdery, but i think a mortar and pestle can be taken to it. it tastes kinda sweet, like almost honey, but not quite. we’ll see if it works. i was panicking at breakfast. mom will probably read this and worry more. it wasn’t because of breakfast though, so don’t worry. :) i’ve discovered that they get worse right before that time of the month. good to note. some of what i’ve read have blamed gastritis and anemia. and of course, all the sites say to quit smoking. so i’m gunna try. i hope the previously mentioned book will help. the reviews i’ve read are pretty astounding.


recommended by a friend who’s also having panic attacks, i’m going to go to the co-op today to get bee pollen. i guess it’s powdery and doesn’t dissolve. maybe they have it in pill form. i also bought allen carr’s easy way to stop smoking. it should be here in a couple weeks, it’s coming all the way from west sussex. *crossing fingers*

yay for elann!

i finally ordered yarn from elann for clapotis. if their track record is as good as it has been, i’ll have it in about a week. i still need to make booty #2 for a friend’s bebe.


i forgot to comment on this year’s 27th(?) annual willy st. fair. it wasn’t nearly as exciting as the last 3 years’. after having my very first falafel ever a year ago. i excitedly biked down there with kurt to brave the 4 blocks of people and sweat and hotness; only to find that the unnamed falafel cart from years past was not in attendance. my heart sank.

i’m sorry

this is a formal and public apology to all members of the knitting bloggers webring. i just have not been at all interested in sitting still long enough to knit. i hope this doesn’t last for very much longer.. cuz i do have lots of yarn to use up, and patterns to knit from. maybe when it gets colder?