this guy

was hanging out on my kitchen window this morning. cutie.

p.s., i am really knitting a bit. i just don’t have much to say about it.


the picture below was used on a realtors website advertising a house for sale, it’s a view of the livingroom as it looks out into the yard. look closely.

this week’s draggin’

someone at work said it’s because of mercury being in retrograde. so workmates and i are blaming everything on that. even though it’s probably not the case. everyone driving this morning was seemingly intoxicated. everyone at work is all moved up into our little area.. and it’s nice being close enough to shout for attention; but it also means people’s homelives are broadcast when they’re on the phone. :/


this blog looks boring when i don’t have anything to say. work’s slowing down a little bit, which is just as hard to get used to as when it speeds up. my daily bikeride is still good. i got a bike computer to tell me average speed, max speed, odometer, ride time, and some other stuff. kurt and i bought a wind trainer so we can still bike in the wintertime. but it only came with one axle, so either kurt or i get to change our rear axle and the other one has to find an alternative.


i just got a new OSX machine at work and it’s weird getting used to it. also, i had to delete about 12 comment spams this morning. you’d think it was as easy as just pressing “delete”, but it isn’t. especially since my blacklist program doesn’t seem to work on my host’s server.


this week has gone kinda slow.. even with being out on monday. kurt and i went on on a date last night to the tornado room. we haven’t been out for a nice dinner since my birthday; so i figured it was time.
good news: i’ve been doing these online survey things for a couple years.. just regular questions about purchasing habits, magazine subscriptions, etc. and every time a person completes a survey, they’re entered into a sweepstakes. well, after this long, i finally won $100. i just have to wait for it to show up in the mail.
also, a friend of mine is becoming a daddy at the end of october, and has asked me to knit a baby sling. i’m now searching for a sewn baby sling to compare.


i took a mental health day today.. and i waited until 7:45 for my daily, 6 mile bikeride. it was nice in the cold sprinkle. now i’ll curl up with law and order.


i did it again. i double-entered two large checks to woodman’s into my register. at least, when i do this, it’s a mistake made to my benefit.
i was browsing through amazon yesterday and noticed about 5 knitting books that are not-yet-released. i was gunna use my gift card from work to grow my knitting book collection, but i don’t want to wait until they’re published. one of the books on my wishlist has been listed since april 4 or some such nonsense. so instead, i got outkast and a couple drumnbass cds.


i had an italian sweater that i got at marshall’s for pretty cheap, but it wasn’t very flattering on me. so it stayed in my closet for about 2 years until last weekend when i decided to frog it and make a blanket. i think it’s gunna be a lapghan:


on my way to work yesterday, my car started a funny noise. not funny haha, but funny strange. anyhow, i called up exboyfriendmechanic, and he said i probably had a tire worn to the nubbins. so i left work early yesterday (thanks bossman!) and sat at the local farm ‘n’ fleet for 45 minutes while i got four brand-spankin’ new tires put on my car. oh, and four more rows done on my blanket. the thumpthump is gone.